Farrah Abraham responds to Charlie Sheen’s rejection letter

Farrah Abraham responds to Charlie Sheen says he is own pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero-life

The feud between former Teen Mom turned porn star Farrah Abraham and former movie actor turned porn star aficionado Charlie Sheen continues as Farrah Abraham has written a rather lengthy response to Charlie’s recent letter of rejection in which he referred to her as a “desperate guzzler of stagnant douche agua” with “tranny-b**bs and five o’clock shadow.”

Never one to avoid trying her hat at something she is completely unqualified for, Farrah decided to engage the King of Surreal Hyperbole with his tiger blood and Adonis DNA at his own game, demonstrating her vocabulatory skillz with phrases like “pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck.”

In case you missed it, Farrah and Charlie exchanged a few friendly texts a while back in which Farrah suggested they meet for coffee, drinks, or a play date. But, after she leaked the texts, Charlie got a little upset and issued his open letter. That should pretty much bring you up to date…

“That’s right Charlie you never did tell me I could share my own texts with anyone – it looks like you have control issues because I can do whatever I want and I have nothing to hide maybe you do,” Farrah told Radar Online. “I think all the drugs, fame, money, alcohol, and whores messed with your head because your bashing response to me is really uncalled for and makes zero sense.”

Farrah Abraham at Exxxotica Expo 2013 held at Fort Lauderdale Convention Center in Ft Lauderdale, FL, United States.Charlie Sheen at the premiere of 'Scary Movie 5' at ArcLight Cinemas Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

“You sound like you have mental issues, (hints maybe you need some anger management counseling) given your disgusting lash out towards my body and my relationship with my daughter which each are both the epitome of perfection,” Farrah continues of Charlie’s comments about her twice enhanced chest and jab that her daughter “must be so proud.”

“So for a old train wreck like yourself you sit in your own pedestrian troposphere of lame-suck and zero-life, enjoy your dwindle and I wish you all the best at being a good male figure for your children who really need a good male role model in their lives,” Farrah states. “As well I hope those call girls, pornstars, and goddesses you have around and pay are worthy because its sad you can not have a stable relationship to show your children a good example.”

In closing, Farrah revealed that the only reason behind her contacting Charlie was to try and boost her chances at scoring a guest spot on his show. “I was only being friendly with Charlie because Anger Management contacted my rep and so I thought it would be good to reach out and spend some civil quality time apparently that’s not possible and I will be strictly professional and not speak to other talent in the future because I do not need to be bothered by their crazy personal lives and horrible personalities. I have a bright future ahead of myself I do not have time for this nonsense of drama.”

Alrighty.. You’re up, Charlie!

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