Farrah Abraham recreates Kourtney Kardashian nude photo to promote her CommonGenius profile

Farrah Abraham Kourtney Kardashian nude photos - click for uncensored originals

If you are wondering who is actually keeping up with the Kardashians, one correct answer appears to be Farrah Abraham. The former Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram earlier today to promote her profile on CommonGenius by recreating Kourtney Kardashian’s headline-grabbing nude bathroom Instagram photo from earlier this month that she posted to promote her new brand Poosh — although it is still unclear exactly what Poosh is.

In Farrah’s “Who didn’t wear it best?” ode to Kourtney, she has swapped out Kourtney’s coffee cup for a cupcake to hide her nipple, and for some reason she has opted to have her belly button removed via Photoshop. Otherwise, the photos are nearly identical with both ladies sporting just a towel on their heads while checking out a laptop computer held in their left hands. (You can click the censored photo above to see the uncensored originals.)

If you’re curious to know more about the service Farrah is promoting by posing nude in the bathroom for Instagram, CommonGenius is essentially an interactive Cameo for “top consultants, executives, and mentors.” On the home page for the company’s website, it teases anyone curious to book their first 15 minutes for free “and gain access to top minds from Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Barclays, and Tesla.” Apparently they can add Froco to the list as well.

“CommonGenius is for the complex questions that Google can’t answer,” the company’s pitch continues.

More from the website’s “About” page:

CommonGenius is an international expert community that helps professionals overcome complex challenges in and out of the office.
Our mission is to enable greatness beyond our circumstances.

CommonGenius’ knowledge marketplace boasts thousands of consultants, trainers, and mentors with more than 5000 unique specialities, from financial accounting to nuclear physics. Our users gain access to high level contacts and make better decisions to accelerate their careers, businesses, and personal ambitions — invaluable mentorship is now accessible to all, regardless of where you’re from. Our ambition unites us.

We tracked down Farrah’s profile on the site, and she lists her fields of expertise as entrepreneurship, marketing, influencer marketing, TV film, business development partnerships, business management, executive coaching, occupational, personal training, and personal finance.

If you are worried that you may not be able to afford Farrah’s expertise, especially given that her cam girl therapy sessions are $10,000 and hour, do not fear! Farrah’s advice on personal finance, business management, and more is just $2 a minute! (If you are in need of Farrah’s math skills, that equates to $120 and hour.)

Still not sold? That is probably because I am no expert when it comes to marketing! Thankfully, Farrah is. Here she is selling herself as an expert entrepreneur, as well as her biography detailing all the struggles she has managed to overcome on her journey to greatness. Oh, and there’s also Farrah’s ad from her Instagram story in which she describes herself as an expert, goddess, and “genious.”



Founder of “AMBITION INTO REALITY ENTREPRENEURSHIP MASTER CLASS”. From becoming the best serial entrepreneur I can be, accomplishing success against all odds, now I get to help consult other outstanding entrepreneurs who our pushing our economy in the right direction. Be relentless, be the best you!

I once saw a boy run a lemonade stand on a corner- I opened my own and took all of his business and made the local news paper by being sweet & savvy! Plus I hired the neighbor kids to help me and started other local neighborhood businesses.

Farrah Abraham CommonGenius genious typo

I was once the cart girl at a grocery store starting at minimum wage and corperate America & had to apply 3 times before getting the job, then worked my way up the ladder to bag sacker, cashier, catering and food sampler. Today I’ve had my own products being sold in whole foods and grocery stores, selling out.

I was once the girl buying all those magazines and now I’m on the cover and in magazines and am the star of every occasion.

I once strived to be the best in reality television and now I’m the top reality star and top 10 listed female celebrity in the nation.

I once couldn’t finish a book and now I made the New York Times Best Sellers List and wrote a memoir, trilogy and children’s book.

I once went to college to further my culinary skills and get degrees to have almost been failed, kicked out and cussed at by superintendent ,teachers,chefs & colleges who ruined my passion to open a restaurant .

I once was a Teen Mom kicked out of my home, struggling, depressed & today now I’m the Teen Mom whose known for decreasing teen pregnancies world wide, who publicly speaks with national campaigns, has a successful national show that has made history and fame, that owns many properties in the u.s , opening multiple business’s and is now the mom others are proud of and want business advice from and now can offer a different up bringing to her child with no struggle.

I’m not sure if Farrah’s nude marketing ploy means that she will actually offer up her expertise nude via video call, but I suppose there is only one way to find out: Get your virtual two-dollar bills out and make it rain!

UPDATE – Farrah responded to our tweet about this post by clarifying that the photo wasn’t a tribute to Kourtney:

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