VIDEO Debra Danielsen warms up Santa’s lap at Bass Pro Shop, tells him not to come down her chimney

It’s that time of year when Santa Claus is making his way around the globe listening to children of all ages sharing their Christmas wish lists. But, one kid at heart really stretched the “all ages” boundaries when Santa made a stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa this week!

Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen took her turn with St. Nick at the local Bass Pro Shop, and the 61-year-old reality star didn’t seem too concerned about the sub-freezing temperatures as she warmed up Santa’s lap wearing a shimmering white mini skirt with furry trim and a hoodie.

Debra posted a video of her interactions with Santa on Instagram, and she captioned the clip by writing: “Visiting Santa! Bat troubles!” If you are curious what Debra is referring to when she mentions “bat troubles,” no, it’s not that she has bats in her belfry — she has bats in her house! Last Christmas they even took up residence in Debra’s Christmas tree, causing her to eschew a traditional Christmas tree this year and opt for trees constructed of pine cones instead.

Here’s the clip:

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Visiting Santa! Bat troubles!

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And here is the transcript:

DEBRA: Santa, I have this horrible, horrible problem. I can’t put up a Christmas tree.

SANTA: That’s alright, I think I know where you live. I’ll be able to get to your house.

DEBRA: But are you OK with bats?

SANTA: A little bit, but not much because I fly up in the sky where they are too.

DEBRA: Well Santa, guess what?

SANTA: What?


DEBRA: So I was going to ask you if you could ring the doorbell, because they like to go up and down that chimney.

SANTA: Alright, I’ll ring the doorbell. I’m not going down that chimney, OK?

DEBRA: Well, I really appreciate that. And this year, instead of milk and cookies, I’ll leave you a great big chocolate sundae, how’s that?

SANTA: Oh, I’d love that!

DEBRA: Awesome! Well, Merry Christmas.

*** HIGH FIVE ***

SANTA: Merry Christmas to you.

DEBRA: Thank you.

In the comments for the video, there was a mixed bag of reactions, with some folks admiring Debra’s sense of fun, while others criticized her for putting little too much “X” in Xmas. Debra handled the criticism like a pro, though, and managed to maintain her holiday spirit with her numerous responses:

COMMENT: just looks so trashy

DEBRA: Well some people don’t know how to have fun and how to enjoy the season. Blessings to you and hope you enjoy your holidays

COMMENT: I feel like this is the start of a very low budget, kinky Santa fetish p*rno! Sorry, not sorry! ??

DEBRA: Well, I don’t think like that at all. While in Bass Pro many families treated me as a character at a Disney Theme Park. So, I had fun meeting all of them and posing with them ?☃️?

COMMENT: You’re a little too old to be dressing like that! I guess as they say “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Farrah has definitely followed your trashy side…

DEBRA: live my friend and enjoy your moments on this planet ?! Blessings

COMMENT: There are just some things older women shouldn’t do- trying to dress like our daughters is one of them!

DEBRA: I am myself and loving life. Hope you can Breakthru too sweetheart ?

COMMENT: I’m just so embarrassed for her. I have to agree it completely looks like the beginning of some nasty Santa fetish p*rno. I can’t. ??

DEBRA: clear your mind and focus on whatever is kind, beautiful, noble, and positive! Only you create your thoughts ?

COMMENT: Poor Santa. Wow.

DEBRA: Santa ? loved it and had fun with it too ❤️


DEBRA: nope very fun and done for fun!!!!

As I mentioned, the responses were mixed — and there were plenty of supportive reactions! Debra handled those well too:

COMMENT: Love your outfit ???

DEBRA: thanks ?sweetie! It was fun to do this for my grandchildren too.

COMMENT: You look beautiful, love your outfit. You look like you’re a lot of fun! Love it! Happy Holidays!!?✨?

DEBRA: yes indeed! It is time to celebrate again finally. Moving forward ???

COMMENT: omg that outfit is everything! I LOVE those boots – @ddanielsen1 where did you get them??? ?

DEBRA: Haha! I bought the boots 10 years ago at Dillard’s on close out. I dressed them up with some fake white fur from the outfit. Thanks for being so sweet! ?❤️

COMMENT: She’s just having fun never too old to have fun! Deb Farrah’s mom has come a long way since the beginning of Teen Mom and has changed a lot. Nice to see her happy and enjoying life

DEBRA: you rock!!! ?? Blessings to you my friend and thanks! I am so happy you got a beautiful outlook on life.

COMMENT: you look great, do your thing! ?

DEBRA: thanks so much for being supportive and caring my friend ???

COMMENT: This is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Your personality is genius. Fantastic. Makes me laugh but also endearing. Thanks for being you. It’s beautiful!

DEBRA: you have truly touched my ♥️! Thanks for knowing I am trying to bring happiness to people and to enjoy life now. God bless you always. I cherish your beautiful words and caring ?. You are sharing the true spirit of Christmas ? ?

Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham just posted her first photo with Santa Claus and her daughter Sophia — and Farrah looks to have opted for a more conservative pajama look:

So what do you think about Debra’s Santa visit outfit? Too sexy or just silly fun?

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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