Drita D’Avanzo to referee Farrah vs Hoopz celebrity boxing match, says Farrah should just ‘play dead’

For those of you hoping to see Farrah Abraham and Drita D’Avanzo in the boxing ring together, you’re going to get your wish! Unfortunately, they won’t be opponents — at least not officially.

The Blast broke the ref news earlier today, and they are told by Celebrity Boxing promoters Damon Feldman and Samantha Goldberg that Drita has “agreed to follow all the rules, remain professional and in no way get involved with the fight.”

In case you missed it, Farrah and Drita got into a knock-down, drag-out online melee earlier this year after Farrah called out Drita for being unprofessional at one of their joint promotional events in June. Here’s a transcribed excerpt from Farrah’s video:

I normally don’t do joint appearances because, to be honest…I’m just kinda done with, like, other “reality people.” I feel like they’re either, like, hung up on drugs, drinking, f**ked up, unprofessional — just f**king nasty pieces of sh*t on Earth. Like, it’s a whole other, like, guys, I’m not going to be locked up in a psycho asylum…which I feel like most of the time reality stars are.

Drita found out about Farrah’s comments, and she responded in true Drita fashion. “I’m going to slap the s**t out of that Mr. Ed-looking f**ker,” Drita told Page Six at the time. “What she needs a good old-fashioned smacking.”

The war of words continued via social media and the actual media for days — you can click here for a full recap.

Not long after their feud erupted, it was announced that Farrah had signed on to participate in a celebrity boxing match with an as-yet unnamed opponent. As you might have guessed, Drita was anxious to sign on the dotted line — but she didn’t just want a boxing match, she wanted a UFC cage match! “Wanna do it legit…no problem..in a #cage where u belong u filthy #animal,” Drita wrote. “Give me the date and time!!! I’m here! I’m ready.”

Farrah was asked numerous times about potentially fighting Drita, but she flatly dismissed the possibility citing the fact that the match was to promote anti-bullying and she didn’t feel that Drita was an appropriate person to promote that message. “Bullies aren’t allowed in the ring. This is for anti-bullying,” Farrah told Us Weekly about the potential of fighting Drita. “I look forward to boxing someone with integrity so it’s a great match for everyone to watch. I encourage all bullies to watch the match. They could learn something from this.”

Farrah later revealed that not only would Drita not be appearing in the ring with her, she wouldn’t even be allowed in the building! From The Blast:

Farrah Abraham is already putting together the V.I.P. list for her upcoming boxing match, and Mob Wives star Drita D’Avanzo did not make the cut…The reality star says having D’Avanzo in the audience would go against the spirit of the fight, which is to raise awareness against bullying, so Farrah said security will be informed to keep Drita out.


Farrah has remained silent so far about Drita being in the ring with her. The Blast reports that she “was informed D’Avanzo would be playing a part in the event, but it’s unclear if she knows her nemesis will now be within jabbing distance.” The site has also been informed that there will be beefed up security “to make sure order is kept and nobody gets out of hand.”

Although Drita hasn’t said much since she was officially named the referee, she said plenty just prior to getting the job. In an Instagram video posted on Tuesday, Drita talked about her desire to get the job and how she would remain impartial — sort of.

Here’s what Drita had to say in the video:

I’m trying to get this job as a referee to the celebrity boxing match between Farrah and Hoopz. You know, I don’t know if they don’t think I’m qualified — I’m qualified. I have broken up many fights. Plenty. I’ve been a referee on the streets for a very long time. I think I’ll do a great job.

I don’t know if Farrah’s uncomfortable. Don’t be. I would tell you what my intentions are. I would be honest if I was coming there to torment you or do something negative, but I’m not. All I want to do is be close up and witness, you know, if anyone just so happens to get laid the f**k out. You know, I just, I would like to be there.

I’m really not the one you need to worry about. I saw Hoopz hit the bag. I’m going to give you some friendly advice Farrah, do like the opossums do and play dead. Just play dead. [sips tea from a huge mug.]

Referee Drita joins television commentators Javi Marroquin (Teen Mom 2) and Marissa Jade (Mob Wives) as well as ring announcer DJ Skribble for the match, scheduled to go down at the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, November 10. If you can’t make it in person, the fight will be broadcast as a live pay-per-view event via FITE TV.

UPDATE – Drita has since responded to her new gig on Instagram. “I GOT THE JOB!!I found out from the @wendyshow show I am officially referring the fight! ???????? its party time….Who’s coming? Nov10th…Atlantic City!?‍♀️?‍♀️ #farrahabraham #hoops #celebrity #boxingmatch”

UPDATE – Farrah has reportedly decided to pull out of the boxing match after a contractual dispute with promoters over accommodations for her family, friends and training staff. Will Drita be taking her place?

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