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Danny Trejo balloon art

There is not much cooler in this world than actor Danny Trejo, but balloon art Danny Trejo comes mighty close. Combine the two, and the incomparable result is a near overdose of Trejotrulescence!

Danny Trejo is in Belton, Texas this weekend as a special celebrity guest at the Bell County Comic Con, and in honor of his appearance, the convention hired Austin-based balloon artist Stuart Maue from Blow Up Success to create an inflatable likeness of the iconic action star.

But, balloon Trejo was lacking the actor’s trademark chest tattoo, so in steps artist Todd Tuttle to finish off the masterpiece. Swipe through his before, during, and after Instagram gallery:

balloon art Danny Trejo

The Trejo coup de grâce came as the actor arrived at the convention and joyfully bared his chest for a historical photo op. Here are the dos Trejos side by side, as captured by a Belton Journal photographer:

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In addition to posing with an inflatable version of himself, Danny posed with LOTS of fans — and he didn’t limit himself to those with only two legs:

Danny wasn’t the only celebrity guest at the Comic Con, however, and he also wasn’t the only celebrity posing for memorable photos with others! I mean, where else are you going to see former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham posing with a Dalek from Dr. Who?

Farrah Abraham with a Dalek from Dr. Who

Later, Farrah posed (and had dinner) with another villainous character, former MLB all star Jose Canseco:

Farrah Abraham with Jose Canseco

Unfortunately, we still haven’t seen a photo of Farrah Abraham with Danny Trejo, but the convention has one more day to go, so there is still hope. Also unfortunate is that there doesn’t appear to be a balloon art Farrah. I guess that could be because “inflatable Farrah” has already been done? 😉

Just a heads up, if you are heading to the convention on Sunday in hopes of getting a signed photo of Farrah, then you had better bring some green and be prepared to make it rain because Farrah ain’t cheap y’all!

Farrah Abraham autograph price

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