TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Eason contacted MTV after seeing Farrah Abraham’s episode, says she’s ‘been sick for months’ in fan Q&A

Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham birthday party Miami

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason held an impromptu Q&A session with her Instagram followers last night, during which she revealed that she first got the idea to apply for 16 & Pregnant after seeing Farrah Abraham’s episode.

Jenelle was asked whose idea it was for her to sign up for the show and whether or not she watched it before applying. “It was my idea,” Jenlle replied. “I went to casting calls on MTV’s website after watching Farrah’s episode for the first time. I was 7 months pregnant with Jace.” PopCulture.com did an article about Jenelle’s answer titled “Jenelle Evans Reveals Farrah Abraham Inspired Her to Join 16 and Pregnant,” and Jenelle responded by retweeting the article with a bit of clarification.

“Inspired’ is a big word, lol,” Jenelle tweeted. “The show concept interested me, not her.”

One Twitter user suggested that Jenelle’s answer suggested that she got pregnant to be on the show, but Jenelle quickly iterated that she was already seven months pregnant at the time.

Jenelle had some other interesting questions and answers, including one that seemed to be asking how long Jenelle had been sober — which she interpreted as something completely different. Here are some highlights:

QUESTION: What’s your sober date?

JENELLE: Go out to eat at STK and stuff our faces. Take some dessert to go for later. Go home watch a new movie and eat the dessert with hubby. ??‍♀️?

Did you vote for Trump?

JENELLE: Lol I didn’t vote at all honestly ?‍♀️ don’t jump down my throat ??‍♀️

Do you want more kids some day?

JENELLE: No, I think I’m finished! Lol

What’s something about you MTV hasn’t shown. I’ve always been a fan of yours.

JENELLE: I played the violin in elementary school.

What do you think of Bristol [Palin] joining Teen Mom?

JENELLE: It’s whatever. Not our show, lol ?‍♀️

Why isn’t David able to be on the show anymore?

JENELLE: Because of one comment made on Twitter that has been deleted.

[It’s unclear exactly which “one comment” it was because David posted a series of transphobic and homophobic tweets during his Twitter tirade that led to his firing. He has also made it very clear since those comments that he still feels the same way.]

Jenelle Evans wedding selfie with ex best friend Tori Rhyne

Are you still friends with Tori [Rhyne]?

JENELLE: No, not after the incident she pulled at my wedding.

What size boob job did you get?

JENELLE: I was a small B and got 450 cc saline and now D.

What type of lip filler do you have?

JENELLE: Had my lips done twice before and got Juvaderm.

Why can’t you be more independent?

JENELLE: I am… I just like staying at home and been sick for months. I’ll be more proactive doing my own thing soon!

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