TEEN MOM OG Farrah Abraham claims Bristol Palin is stalking her, drug test was faulty

Ex Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham previously compared new Teen Mom cast member Bristol Palin to the movie Girl, Interrupted, and she now has another cinematic comparison: Single White Female. Farrah told Jenny McCarthy on her SiriusXM radio program The Jenny McCarthy Show that Bristol is copying her every move, and even more to the city where she lives to be like her.

“She like moved to the same city as me, does the same things and I don’t know what that is, but it is a little scary. I do not want any crazy stuff or people copying, following me or living where I live,” Farrah shared with Jenny.

She initially tried to call back to the Girl, Interrupted reference she used a few months ago, but called it “White Girl, Interrupted.” She soon corrected the comparison to Single, White Female, a classic 1992 thriller about a roommate who copies her roommates every move.

Farrah went on to say that the casting of Bristol and Cheyenne Floyd is inappropriate because their casting doesn’t jive with how the shoe started out. “I would say it’s not appropriate for both Bristol and the other woman who has joined,” she said. “I would say it’s inappropriate. When you’ve been watching a show and you know what it’s about, hovering around for so long, I don’t think that’s authentic to what the show is about.”

Farrah even went to far as to say that Cheyenne and her ex Cory Wharton “collaborated” to have a baby just to be on the show.

Farrah also had some things to say about testing positive for drugs on her Face the Truth appearance last month.

She claims that the test she was given was faulty and it’s failure could be related to the fact that she was on her period, or perhaps some vitamins and supplements she was on for training for her upcoming boxing match.

“I literally did call my doctor because during my training I’m not allowed to have any of that in my system,” Farrah said about her actions after testing positive for barbiturates on the show. “If something is in my vitamins, or my drink supplements, or something like that. I have to know about that.”

Farrah also explains she’s very “high energy and “can’t be relaxed when I’m doing all my workouts so I was very confused.”

Top photo: Farrah Abraham Instagram

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor @AmeliaStarcasm