Farrah Abraham offering sex & relationship therapy for $10,000 per hour via CamSoda adult streaming site

Are you currently having issues communicating with your significant other? Or do you find your relationship with your family to be stressful and anxiety inducing? Or maybe you’re having difficulty finding a therapist willing to actually demonstrate some of those helpful tips for increasing intimacy in the bedroom?

Well, you need look no further than your computer or smart phone because former Teen Mom star and television therapy veteran Farrah Abraham is now offering couples, sex, and family therapy via the adult streaming platform CamSoda for just $10,000 per hour!

Farrah made the announcement with an Instagram video in which she excitedly revealed the brand new “Farrahpy” project:

If you check Farrah’s profile over at CamSoda, which we unfortunately can’t link to due to the adult content, you will see a full explanation of the services Farrah is offering, and why you should trust your mental health to her:

The one & only Farrah Abraham, brains, beauty, & so much more! Now your turn to describe ME!

Introducing Farrahpy private 1-on-1 sex and relationship therapy only on CamSoda with me! Farrah Abraham

I’ve dated around the globe, and worked with some of the best sex therapists in the world myself. From VH1 Couples Therapy, along my TV show journey with top celebrity therapists in Los Angeles, real life sex and who better to get your groove back with than with me Farrah Abraham! Couples, individuals & even family groups are welcome! (Confidentiality is taken with compassion.)

My ability to communicate honestly and my openness sexually allows for groundbreaking live sex therapy sessions via webcam aka Farrahpy. My real life tips are best experienced in realtime where I can help couples get comfortable with each other and explore new ways to enjoy themselves in and out of the bedroom.

Live sex therapy sessions are available upon request at [link]. $5,000/ 30 min private video chat.

As you can tell from the description, you do not have to book a full hour. There is also the option to book just 30 minutes for half the price, i.e. $5,000. If that number is still intimidating, just remember that Farrah welcomes couples, families, and groups!

So, for example, if Kody Brown from TLC’s Sister Wives was looking to spice things up in the bedrooms with his four wives, that brings the price of a half-hour session down to just $1,000 per person! Not too bad, right? (And they would get that money back instantly with the ad revenue generated by the highest rated episode of Sister Wives ever!)

If you decide to give Farrahpy a try, please let us know how it went via the contact info below. Pleeeease!

On a side note, I have to pat myself on the back for predicting this whole thing more than five years ago when I created a “Couples Farrahpy” bitstrip cartoon strip in honor of Farrah’s appearance on Couples Therapy. (Which she took part in by herself, by the way.)

But this is 2019, and that calls for a brand new Farrahpy cartoon!

My apologies to Charles M. Schulz. ?

(By the way, I am super proud of myself for not mentioning my idea for a Farrahpy slogan, which was “We put the ‘anal’ in analysis.” Aren’t you glad I didn’t mention that?)

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)yahoo.com

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