Farrah Abraham wanted boxing match fixed, promoter says no legal action if she fights Kail Lowry

The behind-the-scenes drama from Farrah Abraham’s ill-fated celebrity boxing match with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander continues to play out in the media as promoter Damon Feldman releases documents seemingly proving that Farrah demanded that she be guaranteed a win before she would agree to step in the ring!

“Like a diva, she pulled out because she wins the match or she wasn’t doing it,” Damon told the Daily Mail. “I’m suing her,” he continues. “I’m going after her because she slandered my name with all these lies. She’s the one who was the joke here. She’s the one who took everybody’s money and then didn’t show up for the match.”

Damon says that Farrah’s lawyer presented him with a contract just days before the scheduled November 10 fight in Atlantic City that included the following clause:

[Celebrity Boxing Federation] also represents and warrants that it will take all reasonable steps necessary to ensure Abraham’s safety during the match, including but not limited to having medical staff available ringside. The parties also agree that Farrah will “win” this fight, and should Farrah “lose” it shall be construed as a material breach of contract.

The contract also had information on how much Farrah was to be paid and what the Celebrity Boxing Federation was obligated to provide:

CBF shall pay Abraham a purse in the amount of $5,000.00 (“appearance fee”), $2,500 of which has already been paid, as well as 50% of the net proceeds from ticket sales, sponsorships, internet sales, and TV licensing…

…CBF will provide Abraham with all of the appropriate training and gear for the match. All expenses will be paid for by CBF, including but not limited to airfare, hotel, meals, and ground transportation to and from any events leading up to the match, including any Press Conferences.

“Everything seemed good, she did a second press conference two weeks before the match,” Damon says. “Then I started getting text messages: ‘I need 36 rooms and six first class flights’. This was getting crazy, I can’t do that stuff. She got offended, thinking she’s some star. I told her simply, ‘you’re not a star. You’re a personality. You guys came to me, I’m giving you a chance to get back in the spotlight.'”

UPDATE – Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham has since responded to the alleged contract as well as Damon’s offer to Farrah to fight Kail.

In case you missed it, Farrah BLEW UP at fight promoters and sponsors in a series of videos posted online soon after news broke that she was pulling out of the fight. She seemed to back up initial reports that her refusal to participate was mostly because of Damon not providing the number of hotel rooms and plane tickets that she wanted, but she also cited the fact that Damon had named Farrah nemesis Drita D’Avanzo as referee for the match.

Here is an excerpt of some of what Farrah had to say about her decision to not participate in the boxing event:

I was very disappointed in all of the promoters for the celebrity boxing match and everybody associated with it. They failed to do what their agreement said, they’ve made a mockery out of anti-bullying by putting a bully as a referee. I don’t even have or feel safe as a mother having my child — my daughter — there, or my family. As well, they did not provide the proper security, any of the accommodations they agreed upon multiple times. This person who is bullying a woman, threatening a woman, and has been put in jail…[the video cuts out, but I assume Farrah was going to complete her sentence with a reference to promoter Damon Feldman’s recent conviction and prison time for assaulting his girlfriend]…not have it go to anti-bullying they are the most disgusting human beings on this earth. I will have nothing to do with them. And to show up to waste my precious time on that would be outrageous.

Farrah ended up taking a trip to the Maldives with her daughter on the weekend of the fight, and Damon named recurring Mob Wives cast member Natalie DiDonato as Farrah’s replacement. The fight supposedly went on as scheduled, with Damon announcing that they would not be offering refunds to those ticket buyers who were expecting to see Farrah. I have no idea who won the boxing match.

Damon stated just before the scheduled fight that Farrah “will be facing a lawsuit for millions of dollars based on the damage she will cause” if she didn’t show, and he is still looking to go after Farrah in court — with one possible exception. “Feldman has since offered an olive branch to the spurned star, saying he will hold back on legal action if she takes part in a new match against former Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry,” The Daily Mail reports.

Back when it was first announced that Farrah would be participating in a celebrity boxing match with an as-yet-unnamed opponent, Kail tweeted: “I’d fight Farrah in a ring,” along with a string of three ??? emoji. Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham responded by saying the matchup was unlikely. “Kail is in a lot higher weight class so that won’t happen,” he tweeted.

Neither Farrah nor her rep have responded to the contract leak or to Damon’s offer to not file a lawsuit if she fights Kail. If this were any other celebrity I would say there was absolutely NO chance that Farrah would agree, simply because she not only burned that bridge with the things she stated publicly, but she torched it to the ground. BUT, Farrah has had similar torchings in the past only to later repair the the bridge somehow. (See: CamSoda, which Farrah would eventually return to despite going off on them as well, including calling them “ScamSoda.”)

I guess I have to ask — would you pay to see Farrah and Kail square off in a boxing ring?

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