Best Farrah Abraham quotes from her ‘Ciao Bella By Valentina’ interview

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham quote about dating, pressure to get married

Not counting our current President, I don’t think there is a single reality star who generates more headlines through casual conversation than former Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham. So, when I saw that Farrah was the first guest on a brand new web series titled Ciao Bella, I was quite curious to check it out. Farrah did not disappoint.

Through the course of the fifteen-minute-plus interview with host Valentina Bottan (included in its entirety below), Farrah shares numerous memorable quotes about a number of topics, including her recent Kourtney Kardashian-inspired nude photo, traveling the globe with her ten-year-old daughter Sophia, her soon-to-launch Entrepreneurial Master Class video series, and loving herself enough to not need a man in her life.

The interview kicks off with Farrah showing off her Silver Creator Award from YouTube in honor of her channel reaching 100,000 subscribers. Farrah talks a bit about the content on her YouTube channel, which includes her infamous music videos, headline-grabbing live streams, and a plethora of other clips with titles ranging from “My Inspirational Tips to Relieve Depression Around the Holidays” to “FARRAH ABRAHAM ‘NO EGO’ MOVEMENT.”

The varied content of Farrah’s YouTube channel is a perfect segue for a conversation about what all is going on with Farrah presently, and that’s exactly where the conversation goes. I won’t recap the entire interview for you — you can watch the whole thing below in just under 16 minutes — but I have compiled some of the best quotes. Here they are, along with the topics they are addressing:

On her new “Ambition Into Reality Class Master Class” entrepreneurship video series:

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham wants to remove the stigmas associated with entrepreneurship

My Master Class is a 20-video entrepreneurship course. I thought, you know, out of all the entrepreneurs that are around me and fun, like, they all have their own brands. But I wanted to bring something kind of a little different coming from a single parent vibe…It’s a hard journey. I wanted to show, like, running multiple companies like I have. I wanted to show — if you haven’t started, kind of get a support system around you. And I think that’s what my Master Class offers. And if you’re running a huge global brand, that’s also what I do on a flip note. So, I just have it for all different levels.

But I wanted people to be proud of saying they’re an entrepreneur. There’s nothing wrong with it. Like I debunked the stigmas around teen pregnancy, I wanted to debunk the stigmas around entrepreneurship, and do it right. So I’m so proud of that. March 31. Pre-orders are, like, going CRAZY! We’ve had over 25,000 people sign up. I’m super-grateful, super-blessed.

If you’re curious, here’s a promo video for Farrah’s Master Class, which looks to have been recorded in large part at her Froco frozen yogurt shop:

On negative comments from other women, and the nude Kourtney Kardashian photo

I think we need to stop comparing women. Like, they had just compared me to Kourtney Kardashian the other day because of some fun, like, entrepre–, like, business — business boss girl picture I posted. And I really was, like, let’s not be negative about it either way. Let’s just stop comparing women and be happy for us looking so good after we’ve had kids! So I think moms who have negative vibes, I understand that we, like, other moms and other women, may feel stifled by whether it’s their parents, having kids — it gets in the way of their success or whatever. But, as we’ve seen, I was on Teen Mom and I showed nothing got in the way of my success. Nothing will ever get in the way of my success — even the hate, the made up lies, these contrived negative things on social media. And Sophia’s set up to just totally not even pay attention to cyber bullying when she gets older.

Teen Mom Farrah Abraham quote about Sophia receiving negative comments and hate online

There’s a lot of insecurities. Human beings are human beings. I think you have to overcome some of your weaknesses and get to your strengths. And I think complimenting people rather than saying negative things — maybe everyone try complimenting ten people on social media today rather than saying anything negative. I practice it and I’ve been not hating since.

On being a single mom and the pressure to be dating or married to a man

I feel like I should write a dating book. I feel like I have so much self-love I don’t really get lonely, but it’s, like, everyone’s, like, “Farah you’re still so young, why aren’t you…?” Like, you know, I have people ask me when I’m traveling: “Oh, are you married?” And I have, like, no ring. Or, “Oh my god! I can’t believe you don’t have a boyfriend!” I just feel like I can’t settle. And I went through a lot. I mean, we’ve seen on Teen Mom, I’ve been through some really crazy relationships. And I think if someone can’t support you, help you, and be a friend with you, and gain your trust, then I can’t really engage in having a boyfriend anymore.

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham on homeschooling Sophia quote

Single moms, you can never do enough. There’s always so much more that you can learn. I took upon, like, myself, I just wanted to be knowledgeable in so many different things, so if my daughter asked me for help, I could help her. You know, the one thing I’ve been failing at in 2019 is helping my daughter with her math in fourth grade. Girl, I don’t think that’s real math! I mean, I’m in business and I’m not using that math.

On traveling with Sophia

I have more fun traveling with my daughter than I have fun with anyone else in my family. So less drama, less work — we actually have a really good time. I would say when I go on my own, I think I feel more, like, endangered in a way. Because, like, I’ll get held up at customs traveling on my own, and I don’t like that. When I’m with Sophie, no holdups, no security checks — it’s like they get it: I’m a mom. So there’s a perk to traveling as a pair.

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham on traveling with daughter Sophia quote

Sophia, I would say, her favorite place right now is Singapore, because we really — you know, Crazy, Rich Asians, the phenomenon of the movie. We love that culture, and I think bringing more Asian culture into our home right now is where we’re at.

On having breakdowns, like her recent one over Sophia forgetting that Farrah went to college

I had a little mini-breakdown when my daughter could not remember some of the things that I repeatedly have told her every year recently for one of our shows.

Teen Mom OG Farrah Abraham quote about not being negative and staying positive online

Full video of Farrah Abraham on Ciao Bella By Valentina:

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