Farrah Abraham closes furniture store and Sophia’s boutique, sold Froco brand

We were the first to report that the famous Froco frozen yogurt shop owned by former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has closed its doors, and now we can confirm that the Farrah and Froco divorce is final as she has sold off the entire brand. In addition, the remainder of Farrah’s brick-and-mortar retail empire is also in jeopardy as she has closed both her Furnished By Farrah furniture store and the Sophia Laurent Children’s Boutique — with plans to reopen them in another location(s).

We spoke with Farrah’s dad Michael Abraham, and he confirms that the furniture store and Sophia’s boutique are no longer open. “Yes, they have been closed since the end of September when the property leases ended for rent organization,” he says. Both businesses advertised back in October that they were hiring for a new location in South Austin, but there is no official time frame yet.

“Farrah has been focused and extremely busy with her entertainment business activities and opportunities,” Michael points out. “MTV EX On The Beach filming, her own show activity, and a few surprises. Also, there is no rush because the locations being considered are still awaiting start of construction or are under construction.”

Michael admits that there is a chance that the two stores will follow in the footsteps of their Froco older sibling. “There is a possibility of the stores going online only or just having a fulfillment company manage the store concepts of ‘branded’ items for her,” he says.

Michael tells us that the Froco closing earlier this year was part of a bigger deal that included the purchase of the Froco brand. “Yes, it was sold and part of the sales agreement was closing down the Lakeway Froco location (which the new owner did not want).”

Michael adds that it was a “private sale” and “the new owner did not want any terms or information made public.”

I asked Michael to clarify whether or not Farrah has completely severed ties from the brand, but he says that he can’t reveal any more specifics. “I can’t comment (nor will anyone involved) either way because the terms are private,” he says.

So, the possibility remains that Farrah is still tied to Froco in some capacity — perhaps with a part ownership stake. But, I assume that Farrah’s days of hands-on management of a brick and mortar Froco restaurant are long gone.

When we broke the story of Froco closing back in July, Michael told us at the time that “All is good in Froco land!” He explained that “Farrah’s lease expired and Farrah is taking her ‘Froco’ brand to the next level: into grocery store food chains and other select outlets.” He added: “This has been in the works for a while, along with a few ‘other’ business ideas coming out.”

Farrah Abraham Debra Danielsen Sophia Froco restaurant grand opening

Combining both of Michael’s Froco statements, I am guessing that the Froco brand was sold to someone with ties to grocery store and/or restaurant distribution with the intent being to move away from Froco shops. That is purely speculation, however, based almost entirely on me watching way too many episodes of Shark Tank and The Profit.

After a brief moment of silence for the passing of one of Farrah’s most famous, and longest lasting relationships, let’s take a trip down memory lane with a Twitter timeline of our coverage of the much-too-short-lived Froco shop empire:


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