VIDEO PHOTO Farrah Abraham as a cop in new Master P movie sequel ‘I Got The Hook-Up 2’

Farrah Abraham Beverly Hills Cop IIII poster

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham is completely flipping the script! Or, to be more accurate, adding a script. One day after Farrah was in court with her daughter Sophia to turn down a plea deal in her Beverly Hills Hotel assault case, the reality star was showing off her acting chops as a police officer in the new Master P movie sequel I Got The Hook-Up 2!

Farrah shared a photo in costume alongside a Los Angeles Police Department police SUV on Instagram and captioned it by writing: “Well the tables have turned.” Farrah was obviously referencing her recent run-in with cops that led to her arrest back in June. “The Irony in my life is better then watching COPS,” she added.

The Beverly Hills Cop IIII movie poster above is a Starcasm creation, here is Farrah’s original on-set photo:

Farrah Abraham as a cop on the set of the movie I Got The Hookup 2 movie

(Maybe it’s just because it’s Farrah and she is a bit of an adult toy industry mogul, but the handle on that nightstick seemed a little overly suggestive to me?)

In addition to the po-potograph, Farrah also uploaded a video to YouTube with behind-the-scenes footage of her day of filming. The video is pretty surreal as the movie making process is going on all around while Farrah is in her own world with her social media followers the entire time:

Farrah announced the acting gig back in July with her talent agency congratulating her on “booking a leading role in a SAG film.” Judging from the video, it seems that there may have been a bit of confusion about the role. “In this next scene, I gotta admit I thought I was playing the lead principal role, and then I woke up this morning –” Farrah says in the video before being distracted by turning on the police vehicle’s lights at the wrong time and a drone flying down the street.

Farrah comes back to the role swap story later. “Now, I have to tell you about the principal,” she begins. “Messed up. So basically I did a whole acting coach and memorized the whole thing. And now, totally different role. That was like an executive over like the company.”

Some other highlights from the clip include Farrah revealing that she got into major trouble with the crew when she got out of the car when she wasn’t supposed to, and then there is her banter with her partner cop, who is apparently a seasoned vet at portraying police officers on film:

FARRAH: Thank God I’m not driving the cop car. Thank God! My partner’s got this on lock. We ride ’til we die!

PARTNER: We’ll see about that, I don’t know.

FARRAH: This is the first time I’m playing a cop. My partner in crime here, he plays a cop all the time. So I’m in good hands. Real good hands right now.

PARTNER: One of the best fake cops you’ll find. [laughing]

FARRAH: Yeah, I don’t know if I’m the best fake cop, I’m usually the one getting arrested. So, I know how it feels on both sides.

I have to confess that I would so watch a Training Day inspired reality show with this guy and Farrah playing cops in various movies!

As far as her current project, it is a sequel to the 1998 cult comedy classic I Got The Hook-Up starring Master P, Anthony Johnson, and Gretchen Palmer. Master P will be reprising his role, and it appears that Anthony “AJ” Johnson will be joining him. Also starring in the sequel will be Fatboy SSE, PIO, DC Young Fly, John Witherspoon, Michael Blackson, and Funny Mike.

For the rest of the cast, Master P made headlines by announcing that he was “hosting an open casting call on social media to find an unknown actor to fill a big role, plus smaller ones too,” according to TMZ.

The role will not be Farrah’s feature film debut as she previously starred in Axeman II: Overkill as well as Adam K.

A release date for I Got The Hook-Up 2 has not been announced.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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