Farrah Abraham attacks Simon Saran ahead of Ex On The Beach Season 2 appearances

Farrah Abraham shades Simon Saran and his new girlfriend ahead of Ex On The Beach Season 2

Farrah Abraham’s November 10 celebrity boxing match with Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander isn’t the only upcoming fight she is promoting as the former Teen Mom OG star has just begun her marketing campaign for her upcoming appearance on Ex On The Beach Season 2 with ex Simon Saran by calling him and his current girlfriend out on Instagram.

Farrah’s Simon attacks came in the form of two images posted in her Instagram story moments ago. Both images appear to be screen caps with derogatory text added by Farrah — the first of which seems to indicate Simon sent Farrah some money and that he declared “I love you & miss you.”

The second cap looks to be a text message exchange between Simon and Farrah in which he sent her a video of his “new place” and offered to get Farrah some massages. Here are the images:

Farrah Abraham Simon Saran feud 2018

Ex On The Beach Farrah Abraham Simon Saran feud text messages

As far as Farrah’s commentary, she wrote “Ex’s [sic] never get over me this one is just in line with the rest – BYE” on the top of the first photo. Farrah doesn’t really have a lot of exes (that I know of), so even if all of them are queued up, that would still be a fairly short line. Plus, Farrah is pretty good about burning bridges, so it’s hard to imagine any of those few wanting to come back for more. That being said, Farrah did break things off with MTV in an epic fireball of bridge burning and they apparently couldn’t get over her and lined up to get her back for Ex On The Beach. ?

In reference to Simon sending her money, Farrah added: “Sending me money again? I don’t even talk to you $$$$ thanks.” And what about Simon’s declaration of love? “I feel sorry for his stupid rebound chick who he never liked,” Farrah reveals.

On the text message screen cap Farrah wrote “BYE” in addition to tagging the Ex On The Beach Instagram account and calling Simon “Slimon” — which looks to be what she has him in her phone as.

Meanwhile, Simon has remained silent about Farrah on social media — for now. Although he did share a motivational text graphic on September 19 that reads: “Stay away from negative people, they have a problem for every solution.” I’m sure we will be getting his take on things once the episodes start airing.

If you were curious about Simon’s “stupid rebound chick,” that would be author/entrepreneur/fitness maven Ashley Hannawacker. Simon and Ashley have been an item since at least March, and their relationship appears to be stronger than ever. And Ashley apparently knows a thing or two about getting what you want, as evidenced by the fact that she published a book titled Magnetic Confidence: Attract the Results, Relationships and Life You Want.

In addition to filling Simon’s life with love and affection, and his social media feeds with hawt pics, Ashley is also helping him trim down. Simon posted a selfie on Instagram last week and revealed that he has lost 18 pounds in six weeks — and he does look great!

And speaking of looking great, here are a couple photos of Ashley for those of you curious to see what Simon’s Farrahplacement looks like:

Simon Saran's girlfriend Ashley Hannawacker

Getting back to Ex On The Beach, Simon and Farrah began shooting the series a couple weeks ago with The Ashley reporting that Farrah would easily be done in time for her November 10 boxing match with Hoopz. It’s unclear when Ex On The Beach Season 2 will air, but we do have a tentative list of the cast thanks to Vevmo:

Chad Johnson – The Bachelorette
Cheyenne Parker – Fire Island
Corey Brooks – Big Brother 18
Darian Vandermark
Jay Starret – Survivor: Millenials vs Generation X
Jozea Flores – Big Brother 18 / The Challenge
Malcolm Drummer – Are You The One? Season 6
Murray Swanby – What Happens at The Abbey
Nelson Thomas – Are You The One? Season 3 & The Challenge
Simon Saran – Teen Mom OG
Zach Rance – Big Brother 16

Angela Babicz – Bad Girls Club / Ex on the Beach Season 1
Diandra Delgado – Are You The One? Season 6
Farrah Abraham – Teen Mom OG
Janelle Shanks – Bad Girls Club: Miami
Maya Benberry – Catching Kelce
Morgan Willet – Big Brother: Over the Top
Nicole Ramos – The Challenge
Nurys Mateos – Are You The One? Season 6
Sha Carrell

UPDATE – Farrah juts added one more barb on Instagram with a cropped photo of two women walking together and text that reads: “Be the kind of woman that makes other women want to up their game.”

So are you excited to see Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran reunite on MTV?

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