TEEN MOM Farrah Abraham turns on Ashley Jones after partying together, Ashley claps back

Teen moms Farrah Abraham and Ashley Jones feud on social media

Teen Momiverses collided last month when former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham and Teen Mom Young and Pregnant star Ashley Jones met up at the FabFitFun Holiday Party in Los Angeles. The two MTV stars posed for photos together and even got chummy on the dance floor in a video shared by Ashley. But, not long after the event, Farrah had some less-than-pleasant things to say about Ashley — and the Young and Pregnant star came back at Farrah hard!

First, let’s take a trip back to a time when it seemed like Ashley and Farrah might be boarding the bus to Bestie Town.

Here’s a video of the two ladies gettin’ jiggy with it:

Some of Ashley’s followers expressed their disapproval of the company she was keeping, but Ashley was quick to defend Farrah and downplay the whole thing at the same time. “Everyone’s mad that I ran into Farrah at a party as if I was supposed to ‘check’ her or be rude to her??,” Ashley tweeted. “She’s done nothing to me ? this isn’t high school. You guys can dislike her all you want, but I’m grown enough to develop my own opinion about a person.”

Ashley continued: “And the majority of you that don’t like her, don’t even know her. And she probably has no clue that you even exist … Imagine that. Disliking someone so much and they don’t even know who you are????”

One follower shared a string of crying laughing emoji and wrote: “So clueless.” Ashley replied: “Not clueless hun. I’m grown. No time to hate on someone who ain’t did sh*t to me … guess you can keep that energy tho.”

Less than a week after that, Farrah apparently made some derogatory remarks about Ashley that I have been unable to track down. Judging from one of Ashley’s responses, it sounds as though Farrah may have stated that Ashley (and potentially other Teen Mom Young and Pregnant cast members) got pregnant to be on the show.

Ashley returned to Twitter to respond:

Fast forward a little more than a week to earlier today, and Ashley was back to attacking Farrah and defending herself. “I mean I guess you can say someone got pregnant to be on TV. But let’s be real, you suck d*ck to stay on TV ?? @F1abraham. Glass house my dear,” Ashley tweeted.

Ashley then lowered the boom BIG TIME:

After that epic clap back, Ashley once again openly wondered what the hell happened. “You were so kind and fun at the party,” she wrote. “I’m not sure what switched ???? happy I saw for myself tho.” Someone who had missed the shade commented that she thought Ashley liked Farrah. “Honestly I really did,” Ashley admitted. “We was sooo sweet at the party.”

That sparked this conversation:
TWEET: People tried to warn you …….
ASHLEY: I like to make my own opinions about a person

TWEET: I understand….but when every single person she comes in contact with has the same opinion about her that’s something you should take into consideration
ASHLEY: No. I take into consideration that I didn’t know her and other people’s opinions and experiences don’t shape mine.

TWEET: Ok ok….but she got to you just like she gets to everyone else but now she won’t stop …..you will be helping keep her relevant until the next victim comes along
ASHLEY: No. Because unlike those around her. I don’t need her for clout. I wanna build my own thing. My own name. I’m done with her. I said what I said and we can leave it at that.

Ashley actually had nice things to say about Farrah well before the two met in person at the FabFitFun party. “@F1abraham starting to feel like people don’t understand that you’re just real as f**k and don’t have time for the bullsh*t ?,” Ashley tweeted way back in April. She added: “I don’t look to her for anything. We know two things about Farrah. She will say WHAT SHE WANTS WHEN SHE WANTS. And she NEVER HAS TIME FOR THE BULLSH*T. My statement is true.”

Back in August, Ashley expressed her admiration for an outfit Farrah was photographed wearing after dinner:

Farrah and her daughter Sophia are currently in Singapore celebrating the New Year, and she has yet to respond to Ashley’s comments — at least not on a platform that I could find. Speaking of that, if anyone out there has any receipts on what it was that Farrah said about Ashley that set her off, please give us a heads up via my contact info below! I’m dying to know!

UPDATE – It’s still unclear exactly what Farrah said that initially angered Ashley, but both of them are currently going at it on our Instagram account — and neither of the ladies are pulling any punches! Click the link for all the latest!

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