Author: Violeta Idyll


BELOW DECK MED Is Kyle dating a charter guest?

There were sparks between stew Kyle Viljoen and charter guest Frank from the moment they first met and shook hands, and their flirting only intensified as the charter continued. Although dating charter guests are taboo, Kyle insinuates that he would be willing to leave the boat for Frank. Did Kyle and Frank’s relationship go any further than harmless flirtation?

Britney Spears speaks out about the day she was forcibly hospitalized in 2008 ‘They made me feel like nothing’

Britney Spears took to her YouTube channel to finally speak out about the time the was forcibly hospitalized by 10 police officers while she was in her L.A. home. The story that hit the media was that she had locked herself in a room with one of her children and had refused to hand him over to his father Kevin Federline. In the audio, Britney opens up about this experience for the very first time.

Britney says that the day that this happened her mother had told her that someone was coming to see her, and she took that to mean maybe a lawyer. Then she heard the helicopters.


HAPPILY EVER AFTER Can Elizabeth Potthast sing? This is what she sounds like

90 Day Fiancè: Happily Ever After has opened with a new direction for Elizabeth Potthast. During a brunch with her mom and sisters Elizabeth (Libby) announces that she’s ready to stop working and focus on singing. She says she and her husband Andrei Castravet are in a good financial position right now, so she wants to follow her dreams so she can be less stressed. Will Elizabeth really pursue a singing career?


In SISTER WIVES preview, Christine and Kody fight over whether or not Kody wants to be intimate

There are many reasons why Sister Wives‘ Christine decided to leave Kody after a quarter century of marriage. The most important reason was he broke their daughter Ysabel’s heart by not being there for her spinal surgery. Towards the very end, though, another one of Christine’s final straws was the fact she thought Kody never wanted to be intimate with her again. He sees things a little differently but at the same time also agrees that he doesn’t want to be intimate with her.