Author: Violeta Idyll

SEVERANCE The meaning behind the foodless dinner

The Apple TV+ show Severance is deliciously woven with intricate details delving into complex concepts about memories, selfhood, personal autonomy, and work/life balance (to name a view.) One of the unique ideas is a trend in the world of the show where people meet up for foodless “dinners” where they serve only water. The point of the meeting is to see at a table and have discussions like people would have over dinner but without the bonding of “breaking bread” together or the social lubricant of alcohol (or even the sugar rush of something like juice or soda.


EVIL LIVES HERE What If He Gets Out? Sister of Jesse Winnick fears for her life after he murdered their mom

Amy Chesler describes her murderer brother Jesse Winnick as a “ball of spite” who has “infinite hatred. He gained so much joy out of other people’s fear and pain.” He had intentions to kill Amy and still does. She’s terrified now that he’s up for parole for the 2007 killing of their mother Hadas Winnick.


KILLER COUPLES Donna Moonda lived a double life that ended in murder

On May 13, 2005 69-year-old urologist Gulam Moonda was shot dead in his golden Jaguar on Ohio Turnpike in Cuyahoga County, Ohio while his wife and mother-in-law were in the car. They were carrying $4000 in cash and Gulam’s wife Donna had stopped at an emergency pullout to change drivers after only driving for an hour of their road trip. It was during this brief stop that a masked gunman approached the car and asked Gulam for money. Although he handed over his wallet, the man fired right away, killing him.

LITTLE COUPLE Dr. Jen Arnold is recovering from hip surgery, ready to start new job in Boston

Dr. Jen Arnold from TLC’s The Little Couple, is currently recovering from a painful hip replacement. The operation went well, but she had a few complications so her recovery time will be longer than expected. Her husband Bill Klein, who also has skeletal dysplasia, just underwent arm surgery about four months ago.

EUPHORIA How did a high school have enough budget for those sets?

There is so much Euphoria that is psychologically true. It exposes the grit and despair of life through the lenses of addiction, grief, abuse, and other difficult topics in a way that’s so painfully aware it’s cathartic. Still, there’s a lot about the show that isn’t real at all: from how they dress at school, to how anyone is passing class, and so much more. Even as they depict situations that a lot of teens can relate to, often the characters act or in situations more relatable to people a little older. The biggest break with reality, IMO, however, besides Rue running from the police like she was in a Bugs Bunny chase scene, has to be how a high school in an economically challenged area was able to put on such an elaborate stage play with sets and production to rival Broadway.

SISTER WIVES Logan Brown is building a house in Las Vegas, will marry Michelle in October

After the Brown family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, and built four houses in a cul-de-sac, they had dreams of their kids returning to there to visit or maybe even building their own homes. Since the adults made the move to Flagstaff, Arizona, they changed their future hopes to a dream of building a home base on a plot of land known as “Coyote Pass.” Now they have at least one Brown child settling down in Las Vegas as previously planned. Logan Brown and his fiancée, who are set to marry in October of this year (2022) are building a house there.