PLATHVILLE Olivia and Moriah throw shade at each other on Instagram

During the last few episodes of Welcome to Plathville tensions between Moriah Plath and her sister-in-law (and roommate) Oliva have been rising significantly. During the Season 4 finale last night the women continued to have conflict and took to Instagram to apparently vague post about each other.

The biggest problem driving the sisters-in-law apart is the fact that Moriah is making up with her mom Kim, and Olivia is continuing to not want to speak to her. Everything came to a head when Kim was invited to a memorial for her dead son Joshua and Olivia didn’t find out until the last minute. Instead of attending the memorial, Oliva stayed in the car.

She later had a conversation with her husband Ethan, Moriah, and their brother Micah and she agreed to attend a family event at a river that would also include Kim. Olivia left for the trip before everyone else with her brother Nathan, and they stayed away from the family for most of the event, making things awkward.

Olivia’s husband Ethan has spent some time not talking to his mom, but has recently made some moves to smooth things over, which is making Olivia uncomfortable.

Moriah and Micah are finding it hard to understand where Olivia is coming from and are growing closer to their mom while growing away from Olivia. For a while Olivia kind of took them under her wing because they got kicked out of the Plath house as teenagers. They both hungered to explore the outside world. Since that happened, their mom Kim Plath has made drastic changes to her own behavior and acceptance of others’ behavior, so Micah and Moriah are more open to their relationships with her again.

Olivia, on the other hand, feels deeply wounded by Kim. She has explained that she felt taken under Kim’s wing at age 16, but feels she was betrayed by her. She’s given several examples of this betrayal, including that Kim tried to take over her wedding, Kim used Ethan’s credit cards and didn’t pay him back, and Kim has told Olivia she has demons in her.

Moriah has especially grown more and more frustrated with having to constantly worry about Olivia’s emotions and viewpoints. She’s expressed that she’s reached her breaking point with Olivia and is “done” with what she calls drama.

On Instagram Stories Tuesday night, Moriah shared a quote from what she cited was @selflessquotes (we were unable to find exactly where she got this, as @selflessquotes on Instagram doesn’t have this quote.)

“you cannot heal a person who keeps using their pain as an excuse to hurt you.

Olivia also shared a quote on Instagram Stories, from poet Déjàrae at @ebbandflowpoetry.

“The energy you surround yourself with, the people you allow access to you, and the environment that you linger in, will indefinitely determine the way you experience life.

It is your responsibility to constantly evaluate whether your surrounding are inspiring you to become a better person or requiring you to dim your light.”

The events from the end of Season 4 happened earlier in 2022, so the storylines are far more recent than a show like Sister Wives, which is often a year or more behind real time.

Olivia, Ethan, Moriah, and Nathan (Olivia’s brother) all lived together for a while in a rented house in Tampa. The lease was up earlier this year and Ethan had plans to move to Cairo for a while to work on cars without Olivia. Since June, 2022 Ethan and Olivia have been traveling together in Europe. Moriah’s living situation is currently unknown to the public, but she doesn’t appear to be traveling with Ethan and Olivia.

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