90 DAY FIANCE Mohamed’s mom is on Yve’s side, tells Mohamed to adapt

For the first 14 episodes of 90 Day Fiancé Yve Arellano and Mohamed Abdelhamed have clashed over their cultural and religious differences. The 24-year-old Mohamed seems to be looking for a mother figure in 48-year-old Yve, but he also expects her to abide by Muslim rules even though she had no intention to convert. Now, it looks like Yve has an ally in Mohamed’s mom.

On tonight’s episode, Mohamed opens up to his mom about his frustrations with Yve. He’s very close with his mom, so he explains away the fact that he hasn’t told her all this before by saying that he pretended everything was fine so she wouldn’t worry.

His mom doesn’t encourage Mohamed to try to control Yve. Instead, she asks him to adapt to his new American lifestyle and implores him to not be “grumpy.”

When he asks his mother if Yve should dress in Egyptian clothes, she responds that they should not “force or impose” their traditions on Yve.

“You have to adapt yourself to the new environment that you are in,” she tells her son. She goes on to ask Mohamed to not control Yve, and to instead “adjust” himself in a nice way without being grumpy. She goes on to advise Mohamed to not get in trouble with Yve for the way he expresses his opinions.

Mohamed is later “amazed” by what his mother said because she was on Yve’s side. He says he doesn’t necessarily agree with his mom, but will listen to her because she has life experience.

Later in the episode, Mohamed is already softening up to Yve’s expectations about the relationship. He proposes to Yve in a traditional way by getting down on one knee and giving her a ring.

From a viewer’s perspective, the storyline seems to be very “produced” in that Mohamed seems to have been playing up his staunch adherence to Egyptian and Muslim traditions before this pivotal conversation with his mother. Now that he has been given on-camera guidance from him mom to loosen up, (and to not f up by being too controlling) he can change his behavior to more align with Yve’s way of life. It has been clear from the start that Yve never had any expectation of changing her lifestyle or belief system.

We know that Yve and Mohamed have gotten married and are likely still together as of July 2022.

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