90 DAY FIANCÉ Emily and Kobe have a baby girl named Scarlet, Kobe has a job testing asphalt

At the beginning of part 1 of the Season 9 tell-all special, Emily and Kobe announced that they now have a daughter named Scarlet. This is the first time the sex and name of their new baby has been revealed since the audience found out that Emily was expecting a second child. The news was dropped right before their wedding, and Emily asked Kobe to keep the second pregnancy a secret because her family was already stressed about finances.

Kobe was distraught about keeping the secret from his future father-in-law David, but the truth eventually came out after the wedding. Of course, David worried about the future of his daughter’s growing family when he found out the news. Now, it looks like things are going well with Emily and Kobe.

Emily revealed that Kobe is now working full time and she is a stay-at-home mom to two children, which is what she’s always dreamed of.

The tell-all house Shaun Robinson asked Kobe what we were all dying to know: what kind of job does he have now? “Testing asphalt,” Kobe replied. “Make sure they have the right specifications before they take them to the road.” Kobe works in a lab and doesn’t have to go outside and be involved in the actual pouring of asphalt.

Emily then added that Kobe gets all the overtime he wants at the job, which implies that he’s doing pretty well financially.

At the special the couple also shared a photo of their daughter Scarlet with the world for the first time.

The couple also have a son, Koban, who celebrated his third birthday last week.

UPDATE: Kobe shared another BFF-style post of himself and his father-in-law David sharing some beers while their wives are away.


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