MY 600-LB LIFE Is Lindsey Witte still with husband Paul? Plus weight loss update

Lindsey Witte is one of My 600-LB Life‘s success stories. She appeared on Season 8, Episode 2, which first aired in 2020. Lindsay had a troubled childhood and has been severely overweight she was only five years old. When she weighed in at Dr. Now’s office she weighed 647.6 pounds at 39 years old. We last updated you about how Lindsey was doing in early 2021. How’s Lindsey doing now?

Lindsey’s food addiction wasn’t the only destructive addiction in her household. During the filming of the episode, her husband Paul was suffering from alcohol addiction. Both Lindsey and Paul felt like they were watching each other kill themselves slowly.

When Lindsey moved to Houston o commit to Dr. Now and the show’s long-term weight loss program, Paul was in a foul mood. The couple continued to bicker as they made the trip from Iowa to southeast Texas. Paul did not permanently move to Houston to support his wife during this difficult endeavor.

Although Lindsey initially had some trouble with the diet, she was able to lose the required amount of weight to qualify for the weight loss surgery.

Lindsey is continuing to keep the weight off. She has an active TikTok account (@lindseykay) where she shares updates, an Instagram account that shares mostly inspirational quotes (@second_chance_success) and a private Facebbok group.

As of March 2022, Lindsey shares several TikToks comparing her body at over 600 pounds to her body now after losing over 300 pounds.


Never give up on a dream b/c of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. #weighlossjourney #vsg #nothingbuttime #trusttheprocess

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She also gives helpful and encouraging tips for people about weight loss and bariatric surgery. Last November she opened up about how one symptom of her surgery has been “extreme thinning hair.”


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She’s also discussed the fact that she’s experienced a lot of plateaus with her weight loss journey, but she hasn’t had any significant gains since she started losing weight for the surgery. She says she still has a way to go, but she’s keeping on and staying positive.


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Is Lindsey still with her husband Paul?

During an October 2021 TikTok video Lindsey announced that she was divorced from Paul. She explains how Paul didn’t come with her for her move to Houston, but she instead lived with a roommate named Irene.

Lindsey said that Paul started “acting funny” after she moved to Houston, but would deny that anything was wrong. Around his birthday, however, he admitted that he was seeing an ex-girlfriend and it was “getting serious.” He confessed that he loved this other woman and wanted to be with her.

Still, when Lindsey came back from Houston, she tried to be roommates with Paul for a while. Paul had been struggling with an addiction to alcohol, and often treated her poorly during their episode so when the episode aired viewers of the show were speculating about trouble in the marriage. At the time Lindsey shot down these rumors on social media, but she’s now revealing that they had already essentially broken up at this point.

Lindsey also addressed the fact that they were each working on their separate addictions. Lindsey has made amazing progress with losing and keeping off weight and expected him to also work on his drinking, but it became clear that he didn’t really want to give up alcohol. She implied that the other woman would “let him be him, so why wouldn’t he go to her.”

Paul eventually moved out of Lindsey’s house and they got a divorce. She said she never wanted this to happen and wanted her relationship with Paul to work in the end. However, she closed with the message that “despite this happening,” she refuses to let herself, her audience, her family, or anyone else down. “Failure is not an option,” she says.


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