90 DAY FIANCÉ Viewers think Bilal may have had a secret vasectomy

The 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 tell-all left the impression that there is trouble brewing in Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween’s marriage. There are a number of issues, as Patrick pointed out Bilal tends to use his salesman skills to take control of conversations. Another major issue, which is related to that, is Shaeeda’s desire to have a child before age 40. She feels so strongly about wanting to start a family that she had a clause included in their prenup. However, are no consequences if a pregnancy doesn’t happen and it seems like Bilal isn’t eager to start a family with Shaeeda. Now, fans of the show are developing theories that Bilal may be hiding something big from Shaeeda.

Bilal said at the tell-all that their prenup agreement meant that they were going to “do everything in their power to try to have children,” but ultimately it was up to God. Shaeeda expressed her frustrations that they are practicing quite a bit, but she thinks “after practicing something should be here” she says while motioning wit her hands over her belly.

Bilal counters with his opinion that he thinks he and Shaeeda should “enjoy themselves” for a while since they had been in a long-distance relationship for so long before getting married.

Viewers have taken to social media to share a theory that Bilal may have had a vasectomy and not told Shaeeda about it. “The entire Twitter verse knows Bilal had a vasectomy. How does Shaeeda not suspect this at all? #90DayFiance,” @/missjasmine__.

Another Twitter user, @m_sarr gave the opinion that, “Shaun should’ve asked Bilal if he got a vasectomy instead of asking Emily’s parents abt their sex life #90DayFiance #90DayFianceTellAll.” This is a good point as people have definitely not been blowing up Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram asking about Emily’s parents’ sex life.

Even if Bilal has not had a vasectomy, it seems obvious that he does not want to have any more children. On the tell-all, Bilal said that he wants to wait 2-3 years to start a family with Shaeeda. If Shaeeda waits any longer, however, she may have significant fertility problems as chances of getting pregnant significantly drop after age 40.

Bilal said that he wants to leave it up to God whether or not they have children seems to imply that he doesn’t want to seek fertility treatments which could give them a higher chance of conceiving, but would also reveal if he has had a vasectomy. Of course, the public has no idea about Bilal’s vasectomy status, but he does seem to be sending a clear message that he’s not interested in having kids despite having signed a contract that he will do everything to try.

Bilal was shocked that some of the other cast members perceived him in a negative light. In the first part of the tell-all Patrick confronted Bilal about using his salesman skills to control conversations and people. Ariela also feels like Bilal is always controlling narratives and always has an answer to make his point dominant. Yve said she noticed that he was always testing Shaeeda, like when he pulled a prank on her when she first arrived in the United States.

In part 2 Jibri explicitly stated that he didn’t think Bilal and Shaeeda would work out long-term. He has said the same thing many times about Ari and Bini but thinks that they have more of a chance of working than Bilal and Shaeeda.

All of this negativity really weighed on Bilal, and by the end of the tell-all, he was extremely silent. Kobe and Emily came to show support for Bilal and Shaeeda, but Bilal barely spoke to him. He and Shaeeda then appeared before the cameras and Shaeeda poured out her heart about how she saw issues with the relationship but she wanted to work on it.

“I don’t know, I feel like here I am just thinkin’ I’m this good guy but it seems like everybody sees it different,” Bilal explained. “It didn’t feel good.”

“I do know that Bilal is an amazing person,” Shaeeda says. “I would not travel all this way, almost 3000 miles, to marry someone that I think is not fit to be a husband.”

“It is these little things that get into a relationship. If we don’t deal with it now it could fester,” Shaeeda continues. “And when I look at Shahida, it looked like they never dealt with that and it probably reached that point where she was like ‘Oh, I can’t take it anymore.’”

“So now I want us to not make that same mistake, that’s all. We identify what is the problem and we can work on it. And listen, I’m willing to work on it as your wife. I’m here with you.”

“But if I stay silent, it could turn out to be like your last marriage,” Shaeeda says before breaking down in tears. Meanwhile, Bilal kept an emotionless stare.

Bilal and Shaeeda will be appearing on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, so viewers will be able to see how their relationship unfolds in the coming months.

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