PLATHVILLE Is Lydia living with Barry now?

Welcome to Plathville’s Kim Plath is staying out of the family’s main home because she finds it hard to live in the same house as Barry. Lydia confronted her about the fact that the three youngest daughters still need their mother in the house. In many ways, Lydia, who is a grown adult with a full-time job, has been the mother role in the house. Now that the family is discussing the fact that dad Barry will soon move out of the family’s main home, Lydia is considering moving in with him instead of staying with mom Kim and the younger siblings.

Nothing is set in stone, but on tonight’s episode Kim and Barry Plath sat down with all the kids who still live in Cairo, GA (Lydia, Oscar, Amber, Cassia and Mercy to let them know that the divorce is eminent and one of the parents will be moving out of the home. They may even sell their main house and both get separate residents.

The family also still owns their farmhouse outside of Cairo and an apartment above Kim’s dance studio, which is where Kim has been staying lately. Those two properties, however, are meant to be AirBNB rental properties. In a previous season they also showed a different house that the family owned as a rental property, but it hasn’t been mentioned or shown this season.

During the discussion, Barry seemed to think that who would be staying with the younger kids was still up in the air, but Kim made it clear that she plans to stay with the younger kids in the main house and have Barry move out. Kim goes on to explain to the cameras that it makes more sense for her to stay with the kids because Barry has a full-time job outside of the home.

The younger kids were a little confused by all of this, especially since Kim has been spending so much time outside of the home. They asked if when Barry moves out if Kim will still be at home sometimes. Kim explained that when Barry moves out she will also be there.

Of course, she does have a dance studio and rental properties to maintain so she might not be able to “always” be there since these aren’t completely work-from-home businesses. 13-year-old Amber also found it hard to believe Kim’s promises since she already feels be betrayed by the promise Kim once made that she and Barry would always be together.

Lydia kind of shocked everyone with saying she might want to move out with Barry. “How would you girls feel if I moved in with dad?” Lydia asks. They reply that they would be sad and ask if she would still see them. She replied that she would.

Kim was shocked that Lydia wanted to move out with Barry because she always imagined she might move out with friends.

Lydia explained that she mentioned moving out with Barry because it’s an option for her, and she’s now closer with Barry so she doesn’t feel like she would hurt Kim by moving out. Lydia says her main priority is to keep herself healthy so she can be there for everyone else.

Where exactly all Cairo Plaths ended up is unknown right now. Ethan was supposed to move to Cairo for three months after filming for this season ended, but he is currently on a several-month-long European vacation with his wife Olivia.

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