PLATHVILLE Where is oldest sister Hosanna Plath?

The Plath family’s oldest girl is mentioned in an episode of Welcome to Plathville airing tonight. During a memorial for Plath family sibling Joshua, who died as a toddler in a tragic farm accident, father Barry mentioned that he hoped that someday both Olivia Plath (Ethan’s wife,) and Hosanna would join the family. Where is Hosanna Plath now?

“It’s kind of a joke in the family, Hosanna’s ‘almost’ perfect,” Kim Plath says of Hosanna in the very first episode of the show. At the time, Hosanna was 20 and had just gotten married to Timothy Noble. At the time Kim bragged that Hosanna had an offer for a college scholarship in music. “But, what does she need college for?” Kim asks. “She’s learning more by doing right now than she ever would sitting behind a desk in college learning head knowledge.”

It should be noted that Kim Plath attended FSU and majored in music. She eventually dropped out, but she did spend several years studying music theory and other “head knowledge” that she later imparted to her kids.

It’s unclear exactly what Kim is referring to as far as “doing more,” but before they went private both Hosanna and Timothy appeared in Plath family YouTube videos and other videos performing Christian music. They are probably still performing music together, just under the radar.

Below are videos of Hosanna and Timothy. Timothy plays the piano and sings while Hosanna plays the violin.

Here they are performing at the National Quartet Convention. They actually met at this convention in 2016.

Right now Hosanna is living in Ohio with her husband. Although she filmed some scenes with the rest of the family on the rural Georgia farm, she abruptly stopped appearing in the show after the introduction. She has no social media and has not appeared on screen with her family since.

From what we understand, she also hasn’t seen much of her family since. Last year Micah told US Weekly that he’s only seen her a few times since she got married in 2019.

Moriah says she started her life somewhere else and didn’t want to be on the show. Moriah says she keeps in touch with Hosanna “to a certain extent.”

Micah said that he’s not “super close” to Hosanna, but he did have plans to make a road trip to see Hosanna and her husband.

Fans of the show suspect that Hosanna is the only member of the Plath family who still lives the teachings of their strict fundamentalist Christian upbringing. She had not stated this publicly, but there are a few clues. One clue is her absence from social media, but that could just mean that she is very committed to staying out of the public eye.

Another clue is that although she doesn’t have Instagram herself, she has been spotted on the Instagram account of Nurie Rodrigues, who is close to the Duggar family and practices fundamentalist Christianity. Of course, associating and being friends with someone isn’t proof that a person agrees with their opinions or lives the way they do.

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