EVIL LIVES HERE ‘A special place in hell’ Ex-husband murdered Faith Green’s four kids

On episode four of season 12 of Evil Lives Here, Faith Green says the pain of losing her four children to murder never goes away. She just tries to cope with it. “I just try to keep it together the best that I can,” Faith says.

Faith describes her ex-husband Gregory Green as “demonic” for murdering her four children. He later told police in a chilling interrogation that at some point he realized there was no turning back: he was going to do something.

How Faith met Greg

Faith was 14-years-old when she first met Greg at her dad’s church. She says she had a crush on Greg, who was a 24-year-old man. After a while, he disappeared and she later found out that he had been jailed.

Faith didn’t see Greg again until 20 years later. Her father had helped Greg integrate back into society after he was released from prison. She still had the same feelings for him that she felt as a young teenager.

She had two kids when she reconnected with Greg: Chadney and Kara. She didn’t ask what he had been in prison for, but looking back she knows if she had known why she would not have given him a chance.

The story everyone in the community believed is that he had killed his ex-wife in self-defense. He said he has pushed his wife during a fight to keep her from hitting him, and she fell and hit her head. At the time Faith felt that she didn’t have any reason to not believe his side of the story.

Mood changes

For a while, Faith thought that Gregory was just quiet but as time went on she felt more ill at ease with his silence. She could sense shifts in his mood. Because of this unease, Faith decided to break up.

Once she left, however, she found out she was pregnant with Greg’s child, her daughter Koi. The couple got back together and Greg said he was ready to be a father.

The first sign of his anger was when Gregory had a meltdown over hanging curtains. Faith says her daughter Kara was more concerned about Gergory’s behavior than she was at the time. Now she thinks Kara was onto something dark in Greg’s personality. Faith later read in Kara’s diary that she had not liked Greg the whole time.

After Koi was born, he was happy at first, but then started acting detached. Faith considered leaving Gregory again but she found out she was pregnant again with another daughter: Kaleigh. When she had Kaleigh, Greg checked out even more. When she asked him what was wrong, Greg responded that he’d wanted a boy.

One day Greg slapped Kaleigh in front of Koi because Kaleigh had squeezed the bread too hard. Faith says that was the day she decided to make her plan to leave.

The gas leak

One day Faith came home from work and smelled gas. She found that the knobs were turned on the stove. Greg was just sitting in the living room, and Faith couldn’t understand why he hadn’t smelled the gas. He tried to blame it on the kids at first but later admitted that he had turned the gas on because he was suicidal.

Faith was terrified and angry because even if he had wanted to hurt himself, this method would have hurt the children as well. After this incident, Faith couldn’t sleep.

Escalating anger

One day Greg and Faith took their two younger kids to a water park. During breakfast, Greg suggested that he just wanted “the four of us” together without Faith’s two older children: Chadney and Kara.

Greg’s anger started to escalate after this. One day he pushed Faith up against the wall during an argument. Another time, he woke her up from sleep. To protect herself, she grabbed some pencils to put in her bathrobe pocket.

Faith finally left

After the last incident, Faith finally packed up the kids and left. Greg immediately turned off their cell phones in retaliation. He also asked to see the girls in isolated locations.

Two years later, Greg seemed to be making more an effort to work things out with Faith. He was trying to be more loving and attentive, so Faith decided to move back in with him. She thought he had changed.

Soon, though, Faith realized Greg’s moods were all over the place. She decided that she wanted to leave him for good, but she never got the change.

A fateful night

One day he woke her from sleeping again. He then asked Faith’s son Chadney to tie Faith up with zip ties. Greg then tied up Chadney. Kara then came into the room and saw her mother and brother tied up, and she got tied up as well.

Greg told the three of them to go to the basement and told them to lay on the ground. He put duct tape around their wrists and ankles. He then left the basement for the garage. While he was gone Faith and Chadney tried to come up with an escape plan.

Greg came back in the room and turned the light off. He said he didn’t want his young girls around Kara or anyone in Faith’s family. He told Faith he was going punish her for what she did to his girls.

He then asked Faith if she wanted to see the two younger girls, who she thought were still safe. Then, he shot Kara and then Chadney. Greg then shot Faith in the foot, then he shot a second time. He then slashed Faith’s face with a boxcutter. After that, all Faith felt was the warmth of her blood.

After that, Faith could hear him call 911. He told the operator that he had shot his two step-kids. He said it was his wife’s fault that he did what he did.

He later told police that he had felt overwhelming anger that had turned to hatred toward Faith. He said he left her alive because he wanted to see “what she did” and have her live with it the way he had to live with it.

While Faith was in the hospital recovering she found out that the younger girls had died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the garage. Faith feels like Gregory killed her kids because he knew Faith loved her kids more than she loved him. She thinks he wanted to punish her.

Faith later found out the truth about what happened with Greg’s wife. He had brutally stabbed his pregnant wife. Faith’s father had written a letter to the parole board to help get him out of prison. Faith is extremely hurt that her father helped get Greg out of prison and had no qualms with his daughter marrying him despite the fact that he had murdered his pregnant wife.

In 2017, Gregory Green was sentenced to 45 to 100 years in prison. He’ll be 97 years old before he’s eligible for parole.

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