PLATHVILLE Are Ethan and Olivia living together now? Are they still married?

At the finale of Welcome to Plathville Season 4 we find out that Ethan and Olivia Plath will soon be living apart after their lease ends for their Tampa, FL rental. Ethan had plans to live in Cairo for three months to work on his cars and doubts that Olivia will want to join him. Are they living together now? Are they even still married?

Ethan and Olivia have not kept their marriage troubles a secret, in fact trouble with their relationship has been a big part of their storylines. Part of their issues stem from the fact that their families’ religious beliefs hindered them from getting to know each other fully before they got married. Ethan has even confronted his mom Kim on camera about how growing up with these ideas has affected him.

Before Ethan and Olivia moved in together with Ethan’s sister Moriah and Olivia’s brother Nathan in Tampa, they had previously spent some time apart. Now, it looks like they may have spent a few months apart.

If they did live separately for a while this year, it didn’t last long. They are still married and have been traveling together in Europe since early June, 2022. Olivia’s Instagram has captured snippets from their European adventure that may still be ongoing. No doubt reality show cameras have been with them there too to document for Season 5.

The couple started out in Paris, France for a month, and then moved on to London, England.

From there, they went to Scotland.

Most recently they were in Sevilla, Spain.

Olivia last updated five days ago, so they could still be traveling Europe (maybe Italy next?) or they could be back home in the United States.

The couple have talked about their desire to travel before they have kids, and not having a house or apartment for a while would be a great time to see the world for a few months without having to worry about paying rent or a mortgage at the same time.

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