In SISTER WIVES preview, Christine and Kody fight over whether or not Kody wants to be intimate

There are many reasons why Sister Wives‘ Christine decided to leave Kody after a quarter century of marriage. The most important reason was he broke their daughter Ysabel’s heart by not being there for her spinal surgery. Towards the very end, though, another one of Christine’s final straws was the fact she thought Kody never wanted to be intimate with her again. He sees things a little differently but at the same time also agrees that he doesn’t want to be intimate with her.

At this point, Kody had heard that Christine had been planning to leave him for at least a year and was telling other family members about it. Although Kody doesn’t claim to watch the show, Christine was captured on camera telling Meri that she wanted to leave Kody. Meri tried to get her to stay with her depression “look at the mountains” speech that seemed straight out of Of Mice and Men or The Walking Dead.

Kody either watched the show or someone told him about this. It had to have been either Meri or someone in production, maybe even a message on social media. Either way, he found out and got pissed. What he did not seem to do, though, was ask Christine about this.

Instead, he’s using her desire to leave as the reason why he withdrew physical intimacy from their relationship. At the same time, he also denies that he said he was going to withdraw physical intimacy.

In a preview clip posted on the official Sister Wives Facebook page, Christine and Kody have a frustrating conversation about this intimacy issue.

They are addressing the fact that Christine packed up Kody’s stuff and left it in the garage after she asked him if they were ever going to be intimate again and he shrugged. Christine took this to mean that their sex life was over for good.

In the scene Christine and Kody are seated across the table from one another in what looks like a library. “I asked you that night,” Christine tells Kody. “If it was over. If our intimate part of our marriage was over, and you said it was over.”

“No,” Kody answers. “I just shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t tell you it was over.”

“You said that you were not attracted to me and we were not going to have an intimate marriage,” Christine says.

“Christine,” Kody says. “I did not use those words at all.” He gestures with his hand, emphasizing the statement.

“Well, you’ve used the words enough,” Christine says before Kody cuts her off by saying, “I said, I shrugged my shoulders and said ‘We’ll see.’ I didn’t use those words.” It should be noted that so far in the few seconds of conversation we’re being shown in the clip Kody cuts off Christine multiple times.

“You know, I don’t want to get all confrontation here,” Kody says in interview, alone. “She had been telling family members that she was wanting to leave me I think a year or so ago. She’s been telling everybody she wants to leave, and she’s never told me. She’s never talked to me about it.”

“So when she asks me if we’re ever going to intimate, I’m hearing rumors from everybody that she’s been threatening to leave, she hasn’t been talking to me, I shrug my shoulders. Because I’m not going to be fooling around with a woman who’s threatening to leave me!”

Christine laughs Kody’s claim that he just shrugged his shoulders during this pivotal encounter in their marriage. Christine recalls that “it was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life. I don’t want to be married to a guy who’s just gonna shrug his shoulders when I ask him if we’re going to have an intimate marriage.”

“‘I don’t know, I don’t know, I guess it depends entirely on you,'” she says, imitating Kody. “Well, f**k that!,” she says.

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