SEEKING SISTER WIFE Tosha’s mom thinks she’s in a cult

During tonight’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Tosha Jones sat down with her mom Teresa to let her know that her husband Sidian was currently in the Philippines to visit their girlfriend Arielle.

Tosha was nervous to tell her mom that she and Sidian were now dating Arielle, who she first met on a work trip.

Teresa later tells the cameras that she only knows “minimal” information about Tosha and Sidian’s lifestyle and that she’s personally not interested in polygamy. In fact, she suspects that Tosha and Sidian may be in a cult.

“So you brought her into the cult,” Teresa says about Tosha and Sidian dating a friend.

“It’s not a cult!” Tosha insists.

“That’s how they groom them, Tosha,” Teresa retorts.

When Tosha laughs about having a cult of two people, Teresa interjects that it’s a cult of three.

Teresa thinks that Tosha might be so open to polygamy because she grew up in a “family unit group” with Teresa’s brother and his family. “I think that that’s where she got the core belief system that she has,” Teresa has.

Teresa asked if Tosha would marry Arielle too if Sidian marries her, but she explained that Sidian would legally marry Arielle. Tosha joined the family when Sidian was married to his first wife. He divorced her, but never legally married Tosha. Now, in order to legally get Arielle into the United States on a K-1 visa, Sidian needs to legally marry her.

Skipping Tosha in legal marriage makes Teresa worry that he may be putting his relationship with Tosha on the “back burner.” Tosha argues that she got to spend every minute with Sidian for months while Arielle had to wait alone.

Teresa is clear in telling the cameras that she thinks Tosha is in a cult and may wake up one day realizing she didn’t want to make the decisions she’s made. “Until I’m proven otherwise,” Teresa says. “I truly believe that polygamy is a cult. I believe it’s one man controlling another woman, and another woman, and another woman.”

This isn’t the first time Teresa has compared Tosha and Sidian’s plural lifestyle to a cult. Last season she said the same thing.

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