Malia White might be coming back to BELOW DECK . . . as a captain!

Malia White has always been a controversial figure for Below Deck Mediterranean, but she’s always been a hard worker and is being sorely missed right now as we witness Raygan Tyler fumble the bosun job pretty badly. Now, Malia is hinting that she may be coming back to the Below Deck franchise, but not in her usual bosun role.

In an Instagram Stories Q & A Malia hinted heavily that she could soon be on the seafaring show as a captain! She also threw major shade at Raygan, who most recently fumbled a docking job with Captain Sandy.

Because of Raygan’s poor communication and judging of meters, the Home boat scraped a dolphin, which is a structure that sticks out of the water near docks. Boats have be very careful to avoid hitting them, so communication is key. Thankfully, the boat wasn’t harmed in the incident, but a drunk guest saw the whole thing.

This hasn’t been the only problem with Raygan so far this season. She’s been a poor leader, mangled the dock crew’s scheduling, fails to assign tasks clearly, was too hungover to work one day, and takes a massive amount of smoke breaks. Raygan’s going to be fired on next week’s episode (which you can watch now on the Peacock streaming service,) but Malia isn’t going to come in to save the day.

Instead, Storm was promoted to bosun and Courtney Veale, a stew from last season’s Below Deck: Mediterranean is called in to join the deck crew.

Will Malia be a Below Deck captain?

In Malia’s Instagram Q & A she responded to a question asking if she will be back on Below Deck with “not as a bosun . . .” This was pretty explicit hinting, but she made it even more obvious by responding to another question asking when we will be seeing Malia as a captain. Her reply was a photo of her driving a boat along with the eyes emojis.

Malia’s topics then moved towards Raygan and how she handled the docking situation. Malia said if she was bosun, hitting the dolphin never would have happened. She followed up with a more detailed answer about the fact that this particular docking situation as extremely common in the Mediterranean and should have been easy.

“They were coming off the dock and maneuvering between two dolphins. Not a difficult situation at all,” Malia wrote in her stories. “In the Med this is standard procedure. This difficulty between Captain Sandy & the Bosun in their communication. It’s a new team for Sandy & she is relying heavily on her team’s skills. And vice versa.”

Which season would Malia be the captain of?

Since it seems like Malia might be in the running to be a Below Deck captain, the only question is which show will she headline? There are two possibilities here: she could replace an existing captain or she could be the captain of a new spinoff.

If Malia does become a Below Deck captain, she will no doubt be the youngest captain in the history of the show. Malia is currently 32, and the current youngest captain of the show is Below Deck Australia‘s Jason Chambers, who is believed to be 38, but his exact age is unknown.

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