90 DAY FIANCE Did Kobe betray Emily? Are they moving to Ohio?

Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise’s storyline on tonight’s episode of 90 Day Fiancé is all about Emily feeling betrayed by Kobe.

Emily’s first sense of betrayal was when Kobe’s friend Temperature let it drop that he knew Emily and Kobe were expecting their second child together. It was Emily’s intention to keep her pregnancy a secret until after their wedding so her parents would still fund the wedding.

“Why would you do that?” Emily asks Kobe, who argues that Temperature isn’t “just anybody.” Emily thought that Kobe telling Temperature about this new pregnancy was a “huge violation of trust” that made her question whether or not she wanted to marry him.

Emily also felt like she was betrayed by Kobe when she found out he was searching for one-bedroom apartments in Ohio, where his friend Temperature lives. Columbus, Ohio has a strong Cameroon community and Temperature is trying to persuade Kobe to settle in there.

Emily is worried that Kobe plans to leave Kansas, and his family with Emily, once he gets his green card. The fact that Kobe was searching for a one-bedroom made her even more concerned that he had plans to leave.

When Emily confronted Kobe about his search history, Kobe says that Temperature sent him the link after their conversation about moving to Ohio.

Emily was firm in letting Kobe know that she did not want to move to Ohio. She also was suspicious that Temperature only talked about Kobe moving to Ohio, not Emily and the kids.

“You’re making a big deal out of nothing,” Kobe says. “Like, come on.”

Kobe still thinks that Ohio would have more opportunities for him as an immigrant because of the established Cameroon community there. He thinks they can help him get on his feet as far as finding work once he’s able to work in the U.S. Emily seems firm in her stance of not relocating to Ohio.

Kobe also feels like he’s the only one making compromises in this relationship, and doesn’t think the relationship will last if this continues.

Meanwhile, Emily is worried that Kobe will take Temperature’s advice about becoming more controlling. Temperature made Emily uneasy during a lunch with her family where he told them that Kobe was actually royalty back in Cameroon, and needs to be respected.

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