YOUTUBE Are Nikocado Avocado and husband Orlin still together? Did they get divorced?

YouTube Mukbanger Nikocado Avocado has been missing from the Internet since June 2022. He hasn’t posted anything in almost two months now, but an account claiming to be his husband Orlin Home has claimed that they are getting a divorce. Is this true?

It turns out that the account announced the Nick and Orlin split was potentially fake. An account that looks to be Orlin’s real account has spoken out about it and other hoaxes and rumors that have been swirling since Nikocado left the Internet.

What he hasn’t done, though, is confirm that he and Nick are still together. However, he does list “Husband to Nikocado” in his Instagram bio. He also hasn’t given any real updates on what is actually going on with Nick. This account may be fake as well, but it includes a new Reel of Orlin eating soup that pans to his face, which gives some credibility to this being Orlin’s real account. Orlin deleted Instagram a while ago, but says he came back because of all the fake accounts that were popping up and spreading misinformation.

His first text post mimicks the style of the fake post that announced the breakup.

It reads: “I am heartbroken. It’s heartbreaking to see how people are trying to profit off of me and my beloved husband. Never before have any of these people ACTUALLY cared for me, until they realized they could make money off my absence.

This is a factor as to why there still have been no uploads on our social. Why should I even entertain these heartless people? Anyways I’m going to be addressing some things here soon. This is my only account.”

Orlin’s next post addresses the fake Instagram account and the fact several YouTubers have been circulating an old video of Nikocaod at the dentist claiming that it’s a new video. The video first make the rounds on TikTok several months ago and Orlin says that their account got deleted.

This message reads:

“Debunking The Rumors

1)Somebody made an IG account pretending to be me. It was fake. Unfortunately, dozens of tiktok and youtube accounts started reporting on it as if it was real and that’s how things beguned[sic].

2) Then a troll posted an OLD vid of Nick at the dentist from half a year ago PRETENDING it was recent. The person who uploaded that no longer exists on Tiktok because their account got DELETED.

Just like the fake IG account, the same YouTubers spread around the video as “proof”, knowing that most people WOULDN’T QUESTION the validity of it. They simply wanted to make MORE money off of Nick.”

Orlin then addressed the fact that some YouTubers are using Cameos from Nick to claim that they have updates about him. This account claiming to be Orlin asserts that these Cameos are old.

“Debunking The Rumors Part 2

People are uploading OLD Cameos that they PAID Nick to make for them in the past and pretending they are “proof” that Nick is sending them updates. I’ve seen 5 of them already on Tiktok and Youtube. These are not true. Do no believe these people. It’s honestly so heartbreaking to see.

These are not supporters.
These are not good people.”

In the next post, the account claiming to be Orlin thanked YouTuber Dustin Dailey for calling out Rich Lux, who made a video with a click bait title asking if Nikocado was dead. He also used a car crash in the thumbnail for extra shock value. He even speculated in the video that Orlin could have shot Nikocado and added a gunshot sound effect during the video. Rich has since taken down the video and apologized.

“Thank you Dustin Dailey.

I haven’t met or even talked to Dustin Dailey before but I appreciate what he did.

Basically a person called Rich Lux made a video pretending Nick lost his life in a car crash. He posted a photo of a car accident and then added sound effects of gun shots with Nick’s face. My entire family was sickened.

Thank you Dustin for being the only honest creator to shed light on what happened.”

In his latest text post Orlin again addresses the old footage that’s currently being spread around as new updates.

“Don’t believe fake posts

Again, people are still spreading around an OLD video of Nick at the dentist as ‘proof’ of something. That was taken half a year ago.

In fact the original Tiktok account that posted it got SO MUCH backlash that they deleted their entire Tiktok account with 20,000 followers.

Stop believing the Youtubers who are using old Tiktoks, old Cameos and old Footage. These people only care about clicks and making money off of Nick.”

Here’s the reel showing an up-close shot of Orlin eating soup that seems to prove that it’s really him making these posts:

How did Nick and Olrin meet?

Nikocado and Orlin met through a Facebook group for raw vegans. They traveled the world together living a fruitarian lifestyle and eventually settled in Orlin’s home country of Colombia.

Nick and Orlin got married in 2017 when they were still living in Colombia. They have since moved to the United States, where they have been for several years. Most recently they have settled in Florida.

The couple have publically talked about their real breakups and personal drama in the past, but eventually turned to fictionalized breakups and fights to get views.

In late 2019 Nikocado got called out by fellow mukbanger Stephanie Soo for trying to pressure her to talk about drama with another creator and making her feel uncomfortable during a collaboration. After the backlash from Stephanie’s video, which was titled “Why I Am Scared Of Nikocado Avocado,” Nikocado pivoted from somewhat genuine content to a more fake persona.

He ramped up his behavior and antics, especially at the beginning of his videos, and staged fights with Orlin. When Orlin wasn’t around, he would yell at Siri to get a similar style of entertainment. He also added parodies of Youtuber Amberlynn Reid into his schitck.

Why did Nikocado gain so much weight?

He also leaned into his weight gain, seemingly because it drew in more viewers. In the past, Nikocado would exercise, take days off from eating fast food, and even fast to counteract the amount of high-calorie food he was consuming on screen. For the past few years, he abandoned these efforts and continued to gain weight until he reached 400 pounds this year. In total, he’s gained over 200 pounds since 2017, when he gave up veganism and started eating mostly fast food and ramen noodles for YouTube videos.

Is Nikocado coming to reality TV?

Nikocado has vowed to quit mukbangs and start a journey to health when he turned 30, which he did in May, 2022. His departure from YouTube may mean he is truly focusing on his health. There are rumors that he may be working with reality TV producers to make a show about his weight loss.

In the past, Nikocado has tried to break into both acting and reality TV, so the concept of him shooting a reality show isn’t a far stretch. The fact that the Orlin account is not giving any real updates about Nick could mean that they have contractual restrictions about posting on social media.

Still, we don’t truly know if Nikocado is filming a reality series; it’s just a possibility that makes sense in the context of the situation. Nikocado may have simply quit being in the public eye permanently and we may never see him again.

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