MY 600 LB LIFE UPDATE Gina Krasley passed away in 2021 at age 30

Sadly Gina Krasley passed away in August, 2021 at 30 years of age. Earlier that year Gina reached a milestone of losing over 200 pounds.

She died at home surrounded by her loved ones, but her cause of death is unknown. A few months before her death Gina started sharing on YouTube updates of ill health that started in April, 2021 when she started having trouble walking after embarking on a strict diet. She was experiencing numbness and pain. The hospital found that she had an infection.

She later updated that she had a very severe cellulitis infection.

After Gina left the hospital, she went to rehab to work on her walking. She reported having no feeling in her hands making it hard for her to pick up things or work her phone properly.

By May 2021, Gina was back home. She reported that the rehab facility didn’t “help her at all” in the three weeks she stayed there. The numbness in her hands and the problems with her legs were still bad. She said that she had trouble eating while she was there, partly because she couldn’t use her hands properly.

On June 20, 2022, Gina gave another update. Her legs were still in pain and she still could not walk. She was drinking water and protein shakes, which helped with her hydration and energy. At that time she still had trouble using her hands and texting. She said she had an appointment with a neurologist on July 29th to see if she had MS (multiple sclerosis.)

Gina’s last update on her channel was a live stream of her using a coloring app which demonstrated that perhaps the dexterity in her hands had improved at that point.

In 2022, Gina’s sister Ali and her husband started uploading a series exposing My 600-lb Life titled 600lb Lies. One of the first lies that they exposed was the claim in Gina’s intro that she only showered once a month.

Ali also revealed that production had to approve everything she ate on camera, and it was always huge amounts. She would often spit out the food because it was too much for her to eat at once.

When Gina appeared on the show to receive treatment from Dr. Now, she struggled with the program. In the first weigh-in, she had actually gained 8 pounds to reach a weight of 614 lbs.

She blamed the weight gain on temporarily going back to her home state of New Jersey for her sister’s wedding and slipping into old habits. Although she was happy to be able to make her sister’s wedding, she had to sit in her car during the event because of the physical limitations of her weight.

When she came back to Dr. Now’s office, she had lost 5 lbs., but was still at a higher weight than when she first came. Gina fared better at the next weigh-in. She was able to lose 23 pounds.

At the time of her passing, it’s unknown if she was still with her wife Beth, who was featured with her on the show.

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