PLATHVILLE Are Olivia and Moriah fighting?

Tensions are high between Moriah Plath and her sister-in-law and roommate Olivia Plath over a visit to deceased Plath sibling Joshua’s grave for his birthday. Moriah arranged the family get together to celebrate Joshua’s memory, but the graveside memorial soon turned to drama between Olivia and Moriah when mom Kim Plath decided to come as well.

Joshua Plath died when he was only 15 months old during a farm accident. Moriah was six years old at the time and witnessed the event. Her recent breakup with Max gave her flashbacks to the loss of her brother and she wants him to know he’s not forgotten if he still exists somewhere.

Moriah wanted to arrange this to focus on the good of Joshua’s life to help counter the flashbacks she has of the day he died. After he died for a while the family never even spoke of Joshua, so she wants to make sure they remember him now so they can start to heal from his death.

Olivia still isn’t talking to Kim Plath, so Moriah originally said she arranged for two different graveside visits: one with just the Plath siblings and one with the parents as well. What Moriah didn’t know was that Olivia had already extended an olive branch to her dad Barry Plath and had made plans to hang out with him during their visit from Tampa, FL to Cairo, GA.

Olivia believes that Barry never meant to be unkind to her, and firmly thinks that anything hurtful he’s said to her were “dictated” by his wife Kim.

The fact that Olivia stepped in and invited Barry complicated things for Moriah and made her feel like Olivia was taking control. Separating both of her parents from the group was different than singling out her mom, especially since no matter what else is going on, Kim is the mother of Joshua.

By the time they arrived in Cairo Barry was going to be in attendance at the gravesite visits. Barry spent a lot of time bonding with the kids and Olivia, but when it came time for the graveside visit, Kim was determined to go.

Behind both Olivia and Moriah’s back some of the other siblings, including Olivia’s husband Ethan, made plans with Kim to be there. When Moriah found out Kim was coming, she asked if there would be two separate visits, but she was informed that there would be only one.

Moriah found herself torn between Olivia, who is her best friend, and her parents, who she’s grown closer to recently. The situation made her feel like she’s walking on eggshells.

“I just really want to make sure that today is remembering Joshua and not any drama,” Moriah said. Ethan felt that Olivia should understand that they were remembering his sibling, who is also his mom’s child. Ethan didn’t really speak with his mom during the visit, but he understood the importance of having her there.

Once Moriah told Olivia Kim was coming, she immediately left. Moriah asked her to “put everything aside for the sake of Joshua.” Olivia didn’t feel like she could be around Kim, though. Olivia says she felt like she wasn’t yet ready to be around Kim, and felt panicked.

“Part of me is telling myself to just get over it and grow up,” Olivia said. “And the other part is immediately like, ‘Oh no, no, no. Do you remember all these things that happened then? You’re not making this up in your head, you’re not crazy.'” She says when her body goes into panic mode she can’t stop it and she just wants to run.

Moriah, however, has reached a breaking point with Olivia. “For so long I’ve been so understanding of how Olivia’s feeling and making sure that she’s okay, that I don’t do anything that hurts her,” Moriah says in interview. “I’m just constantly working around her feelings. But today is not about her. If anything, is she not even gonna check in on me and see if I’m okay? It’s just ridiculous to me.”

Olivia’s husband Ethan also didn’t understand her behavior. He saw her behavior as a “tantrum” and wants to know when she’s going to ever be able to move on.

The family was gathering to honor Joshua on what would have been his 15th birthday. Even though Kim and Barry are getting divorced, they wanted to come together for this sad but bonding experience. Barry even tells Kim that he wishes she would have been able to spend time with all the children, except for Hosanna, the night before at their farmhouse.

“Today I have officially reached my breaking point with all of this drama,” Moriah says about Olivia’s behavior at Joshua’s memorial. “I am so done. I am so over it. I’m just tired of fragile relationships. If you have to constantly walk on eggshells around somebody’s feelings, if you spend three to four years of your life trying to make that person happy and then you make one decision that doesn’t make ’em happy and it affects your whole relationship? That’s not a true friend. And it hurts to say that but that’s the harsh reality I’m waking up to.”

Micah is also fed up with Olivia: “I feel like Olivia should understand that her feelings are definitely important, but not everything’s about her feelings. If there’s something that outweighs what you’re mad about, you can set what you’re mad about aside and go do this one thing. You don’t have to talk. You don’t have to be friendly or whatever but you can still be a part of what’s going on and then work on your garbage later.”

After the memorial, even Olivia’s husband was having trouble with her. Olivia later told Ethan he had been ignoring her while he was going to meet up with his siblings at a pool hall. “You’ve been rude all day long,” Olivia says.

“Well, I feel like you’re rude because you didn’t show up to my dead brother’s grave,” Ethan responded. “So that’s on you.”

Olivia says that it wasn’t until that moment that she realized how she had been ignoring the pain of Ethan and his siblings on this very weighty day. The whole time she had been too focused on her own emotional turmoil to have empathy for everyone else. She breaks down in tears in interview as she realizes that she was unable to be there for Ethan and his siblings on this significant day.

Do Moriah and Olivia still live together?

We do know that as of July 2022, Olivia and Moriah no longer live together, at least temporarily. Olivia and Ethan have been on an extended European vacation and it’s unknown if they currently even have a home base in the U.S.

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