90 DAY FIANCÉ Steroid use made Patrick infertile, destroyed his sperm count

During the 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 tell-all show two of the cast members were 16 weeks pregnant while taping the special: Thais and Kara. Thais’ husband Patrick revealed that he was surprised that Thaís got pregnant because his sperm count had been reduced to zero from steroid use.

Thaís reveals that she was also surprised, but she was also “afraid and scared.” Patrick elaborated that he was surprised because a year ago he had a round of fertility tests that found him to be basically infertile because of his PED (performance enhancing drug) use.

Host Shaun Robinson clarified, “That’s steroid use? For working out?”

“Yep,” Patrick said. “For weight-lifting. I had zero sperm.”

Thaïs said that she was “very upset” when Patrick told her that he couldn’t have kids, especially since he waited a year to let her know. Patrick says he tried to tell her, but there were communication issues.

Still, Patrick has been working with a doctor to help boost his fertility, and it definitely worked.

Thaïs said she did six pregnancy tests before she told Patrick she was expecting. Patrick explained that Thais hid the positive pregnancy tests from him because she didn’t want to “jinx” it. He said she went so far as to ask Patrick to call a gynecologist’s office to make an appointment for her for a different reason.

Even though Thais isn’t yet fluent in English and relies on Patrick for a lot of things, she didn’t have him go to the appointment with her. Instead, she invited a friend. Patrick seems upset that the friend found out Thais was pregnant before he did.

In 2012, Patrick actually lost his career as a Olympic weightlifter because he tested positive for hGH, or human growth hormone. Just a few years later he tried his hand at weightlifting in Brazil but was busted for using a testosterone metabolite at the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto.

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