SEEKING SISTER WIFE Nick Davis’ wives love his ‘big brain’

On tonight’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Nick, April, Jennifer, and Danielle are continuing their vacation to get to know each other better.

“Is somebody gonna make me food, or what?” Nick asks his three ladies as they’re all lounging in bed. While the ladies get busy frying up bacon and making biscuits, Nick cracks open a book.

April asks what he’s reading. Nick laughs in a way that indicates what he’s studying is too hard to casually explain. “It’s something called abiogenesis,” he says. “It’s about life arising spontaneously on its own through natural undirected processes. There’s something called homochirality that comes into play.”

April says she doesn’t know what that is while Danielle pops open a can of biscuits and her attention diverts to Danielle. They could have talked more about what Nick was studying over breakfast, but from the viewer’s perspective, the conversation was very brief and surface-level.

For a more lengthy glimpse at Nick discussing theoretical concepts, below is a clip from Nick’s Facebook where he talks for over 3 minutes about the “cosmological framework for supernormal aptitudes of human awareness”

Later in the car, Danielle says the conversation with Nick while making breakfast was her favorite part of the entire trip. April agrees that she loves those conversations with Nick too, and they’re a big reason why she wants to be in this relationship at all. “I’m in love with you, Nicholas,” she says. “I’m in love with your big brain.”

Even though Nick studies some pretty difficult topics, it’s still unclear what his aim is in this study other than to impress his wives. He doesn’t appear to be seeking to get a degree or to use his knowledge to earn a living. He doesn’t work, and doesn’t seem to cook or do very much housework.

Most people have hobbies that involve reading and learning things they may not ever apply to their lives other than the richness that learning can add. The odd thing about Nick’s endeavors is not that he’s curious and wants to spend time learning about the world, it’s the interesting way he’s carved a way for him to do so.

Most people have to find a way to earn a living so they can spend their free time with their hobbies and interests. Nick has found a lifestyle with multiple women who not only support his self-admittedly voracious sexual needs but also support him financially. They are patrons of his self-scholarship. Their family structure is even set up so that he doesn’t have to legally marry any of them.

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