SISTER WIVES Are Mykelti’s twins identical or fraternal? Pregnancy update

A few days ago Sister Wives’ Mykelti Padron gave some updates about her pregnancy with twins in a video to promote her MLM LuLaRoe. Reddit poster @ComesandGoes31 reported on the information Mykleti shared, including that Sister Wives is still in production and will film the birth of her twins.

“They are fraternal twins, they will not be identical, they have their own placenta and own sacs so no matter the gender or genders they come out as they will not look the same, which is something that I am very happy about because I always call Avalon all kinds of names and I only have one kid,” Mykelti reportedly said.

Other details @ComesadndGoes31 spilled are that Mykelki is 24 weeks pregnant, and the babies are now 2 pounds each and are healthy and show no abnormalities. She’ll be having a hospital birth instead of the at-home births that are common in her family and will be using the same doctor, Dr. Gregory Bean, who assisted her mom Christine with the birth of Truely, which was depicted in Season 1 of the show.

Mykelti also said that this pregnancy was not planned, but it also wasn’t prevented. However, they may be doing some pregnancy prevention in the future because at this time she wants the twins to be their last biological children. She said she and her husband Tony may adopt in the future.

The twins are due in December, but they are expected to possibly come in November, as twins and multiple births usually arrive early than pregnancies with a single baby.

UPDATE! Mykelti has announced the gender of her twins.
Mykelti’s sister Maddie is also currently pregnant.

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