90 DAY FIANCÉ Emily and Kobe are still living with Emily’s parents

It looks like despite the fact that Emily’s dad David wanted her and Kobe to move out of their family home within six months when they taped the Tell All special (which was filmed in June,) they were still living there. While under Emily’s parents’ roof, Emily gave birth to their second child, a daughter named Scarlet.

Emily and Kobe are on track to move, though. Since Kobe got his green card he’s been able to get a fulltime job testing asphalt in a lab before it goes out on the road. He gets a lot of overtime, which is great to help their finances get back on track.

At the Tell-All special Shaun Robinson asked if David and Lisa were getting rent from Emily and Kobe. It sounds like they don’t, but Emily clarified that she and Kobe do buy groceries for the family, Emily cooks, and Kobe helps take care of their farm animals.

“I think they’ve got a timeframe in mind,” David says. “So, we’ll work with them. Whatever.”

Lisa pointed out that Emily and Kobe need to move out for the sake of their own relationship.

Shaun Robinson then pointed out that Kobe and Emily have shared that they haven’t been intimate since the birth of their daughter. She asked if the full house took it’s toll on David and Lisa’s sex life. Dave answer? “Our house is soundproof.”

As Emily and Kobe left the special, they Emily and Kobe said that they don’t have a lot of money to move out right now, but they plan to do so in the next few months.

Kobe recently posted on social media about hanging out with David while the women were out of town, which kind of implied that they were all still living together. Even though everyone wants Kobe and Emily to eventually move out, it looks like Kobe and David have a strong bond and a great relationship.

Yesterday Emily posted a Reel with her parents from their house that suggests they’re all still living there.

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