YOUTUBE Jason Nash speaks out about Trisha Paytas for the first time since split three years ago

YouTubers Trisha Paytas and Jason Nash broke up three years ago after a year of dating that was highly documented online. Both of the YouTubers vlogged copious amounts of their time together and also appeared together in David Dobrik’s popular vlogs.

The relationship imploded in February 2019 around their anniversary and Jason went radio silent about Trisha, even when she went on a public campaign against him and David Dobrik’s vlog squad. Now, Jason is speaking out about Trisha for the first time since the split.

Jason starts addressing Trisha at the 27:00 mark of the below video during an appearance on the BFFs podcast with Dave Portnoy.

Jason explained that when Trisha was attacking him online, he chose not to address anything to protect his kids. He says his son would sometimes get threatening DMs, so he chose to stay silent in order to not provoke Trisha’s fans at the time.

This prompted host Dave Portnoy, who mistakenly called Trisha Jason’s former wife (they were never married,) to question Jason about why he was with Trisha. Dave called her “certifiable” referencing her mental health struggles and destructive behavior towards herself and others.

“She’s a complicated girl,” Jason went on about Trisha in an attempt to explain his relationship with her. He said that he liked Trisha because she was really into him. He then quipped that Trisha “loved me so much, and so did her 17 personalities.” (At some point Trisha has claimed to have dissociative identity disorder, DID.)

Trisha and Jason became business partners as well as romantic partners because they would film together constantly, and for a while everything went fairly well.

However, at a certain time Jason wanted out, but felt trapped in the relationship because Trisha had threatened to “ruin” Jason and his friends. Trisha has made a habit of “exposing” her ex-boyfriends online to the point where her fans would viciously attack them, often driving them offline.

He then brought up the fact that Trisha drove her car into his house and trapped him in the house for three hours. This is a story that Trisha has mentioned herself many times over the years after she started talking about their breakup several months after it occurred. She has said that she was high on meth when she crashed into Jason’s house that night.

She spent time in mental health facilities twice during the breakup. The first time happened the night of the breakup in February 2019 when she drank and took pain medication. The second hospitalization happened after she drove her car into Jason’s house on her birthday in May 2019 because he failed to show up to her birthday party.

Jason acknowledged that Trisha was “really sick” and had a “chemical imbalance where she would black out and anything could happen.” He then shared a story about a time Trisha threatened to kill herself by driving off a cliff because Jason didn’t want to go to the mall with her that day because he was busy working. She was later found in a ditch.

“I really did try to take care of her and I loved her a lot and it just got to be too much,” Jason says. He goes on to mention that Trisha seems to be doing good now and is pregnant. He expressed the hope that her baby will help give her life more meaning and fill the hole she seemed to have inside of her.

Trisha married Moses Hacmon, the brother of Hila Klein from H3H3 Productions, in December 2021. She is currently 8 months pregnant with their first child.

“When you know her,” Jason says in Trisha’s defense. “There’s like a lot of good things about her too.” He explains that she normally doesn’t act “crazy,” but is usually “boring,” which he says is a compliment. He says that she was great with his kids and is an “incredible performer” for videos.

Jason went on to say that he “100%” had a savior complex, and even when they were broken up he was still trying to save her. He says that she was threatening suicide, and he would call her mother trying to get her help. Trisha has since admitted that she has threatened suicide with multiple boyfriends in an effort to control and manipulate them, but never really meant to follow through.

“I wish her the best. I hope she f**kin’ has a healthy baby. I hope everything’s great,” Jason goes on. “I don’t know if you guys know, but she hasn’t really, she’s really turned over a new leaf, she doesn’t talk sh!t about anybody.”

After spending most of her career engaging in insensitive and often offensive trolling and causing drama with other creators and celebrities including her brother-in-law Ethan Klein, Trisha has more recently shifted to cooking videos, live streams, and an ASMR channel.

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