90 DAY FIANCÉ Yve and Mohamed address Mohamed’s cheating texts, are they still together?

After the 2-part Season 9 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All special was filmed, Yve found out her husband Mohamed was texting another woman. Screen caps of some of the texts leaked late last month and were posted on social media. (We typed most of them out so they are easier to read, and provided a brief recap.) Now, Yve and Mohamed are addressing these explosive texts that could mean the end of their relationship.

Talking via video chat in a segment televised at the end of the Tell All, Yve said that discovering the messages was “very shocking, raw, disappointing, saddening. He chose to spend his time focused on starting on other relationships and engaging in activity a married man should not be engaging in.”

Meanwhile, Mohamed admitted that he had started talking to a woman online. He said that she was very nice and they were friends at first, but after two months of talking things “started to get bigger.”

In the texts, Mohamed outlined a plan to leave Yve after he got his green card. Yve discovered the texts when she asked to look at Mohamed’s phone and he let her.

Mohamed claims he is now trying to “make things right” with Yve. He says he has asked the woman he’s been talking to to stop texting him because he’s a married man.

“I know I did wrong,” Mohamed says. “All I can do now is say ‘I’m sorry’ to my wife, and I promise her that will never happen again. I do love Yve and she doesn’t deserve that. I’m trying to fix it.” During his message Mohamed starts tearing up.

Yve says she’s “appalled and shocked, and honestly, I don’t know what the future holds for us.”

Right before the first Tell-All aired last week Yve shared a Reel featuring her, Mohamed, and her friend on their trip to NYC to film the special. She already knew about the texts at that point.

The Reel with Mohamed has since been taken down, but Yve has continued to share footage of her trip to New York, including footage of her recording music. Will we have a track from Yve drop soon?

Yve’s entire Instagram feed seems to have been scrubbed of Mohamed, and she shared some cryptic memes suggesting that she’s going through a hard time and making big changes. One of the memes reads: “Queens don’t compete with hoes.”

Yve Addresses Mohamed’s Texts On IG

UPDATE! After the Tell All was made available to stream via Disocvery+, Yve took to Instagram to address the texts. She shared the “Queens don’t compete with hoes” text graphic and followed that up with:

#homewreckers. They, these!!!! Plural were both!
#desparado 🤢🤮

Let me be clear, of course I blame him as well. 1st time I get to say anything though. Everyone was demanding I say something & I finally get to so just take it as facts…& one of these women was still married as well…

Thank you ladies for sharing your stories of infidelity, heartaches, & pain. Obviously, we are not alone. Why commitment for some isn’t a commitment. There’s lots of healing that needs to happen in this world on so many levels. If you don’t want to be exclusive just say so, so people can make their own informed decisions… 💞 yve_arellano

90 Day Fiance Yve on Instagram

Thank you so much to my #90dayfiance #family that includes other #season cast members, thank you for your #❤️ & #support ❣️ @emm_babbyy @kobe_blaise @karaleona @guillermorojer thank you for cheering me up, all my #love to you all and my other #s9 #cast #members Wishing you all the #happiness, #peace, & #prosperity
#cheers to the #future 💖🤩🙏🏽
💞 #yve_arellano

Yve most recently posted a selfie of herself with some pages from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran (affiliate link.) She included a quote in the caption: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” It sounds like she’s going through it, but it looking for the positives in the situation.

Although Yve has known about Mohamed’s texts for several weeks now, it looks like their break has only been very recently.

UPDATE – Yve was charged with multiple domestic assault charges on August 15. Click here for details on the allegations, which includes multiple altercations with Mohamed and Yve’s affair with a man named Mike.

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