SISTER WIVES Did Kody Brown cut his hair?

A new video on Kody Brown’s Cameo account has led some fans of the show to wonder whether or not he’s cut his hair, which would be a major departure from the long-hair looks he’s sported for the past 12 years.

Kody’s custom Cameo videos start at $99, and you can also message the Sister Wives star for $10. It’s hard to tell what’s going on with Kody’s hair because he doesn’t really turn his head in this Cameo to give a good angle.

This TikTok user had a hilarious reaction to the notion that Kody might have had a haircut. In @mrskickstand’s opinion he “looks better” with this new hairstyle.

Last year, however, he recorded a “flirty” cameo that showed a better look at what Kody’s hairstyle looks pulled back.

We’re not sure if his hair is actually cut, but it seems more likely that he simply pulled it back for this particular Cameo.

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