90 DAY FIANCÉ UK Why Bridie sold her house for Host’s visa application

90 Day Fiancé UK‘s Bridie took to Instagram to clear up some things about the narrative that she sold her house to help pay for Host’s visa to come to the U.K.

The main point that was missed on the show is that Bridie was already going to sell her house before she even knew Host. Bridie bought the house with her ex, who is the father of her children. When she was filming the show, Bridie knew that the house was going to be sold and that the money she received from the sale would be able to help her get Host’s visa approved.

Similar to the U.S. process, a certain amount of income or savings is needed to accommodate a fiancé visa.

In episode 4 Bridie is seen looking up information about the U.K. tourist visa. She wanted to make sure that they get the visa right because if you don’t, it can affect future visa applications.

Bridie says she was feeling all of the financial pressure on her. Host was not putting money away in savings because he says he couldn’t trust the banks in Lebanon because of the economic crisis.

On the phone with Host, Bridie says, “there’s equity in the house so I have to sell the house first so that I can put money in my bank.”

During the conversation Host asks her if this is something that she’s seriously considering doing, and answered yes, she was really going to do this.

She explained in the interview that without selling the house she wouldn’t have enough savings to meet the requirements for the visa.

“I never thought that I’d do something this crazy, like selling my house and uprooting my life,” Bridie says. “For Host I’d honestly do anything.”

At the time Bridie and Host were making plans to marry and live together in the U.K., but Host still hadn’t proposed to Bridie. She wanted a big romantic gesture in the proposal. When Bridie visited Host in Lebanon she was expected a proposal, but instead he gave her a bunch of makeup. Hopefully she’ll get the proposal she’s yearning for, especially since she’s putting up the money from the sale of her house to help Host come to the U.K.

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