90 DAY FIANCé UK How much does Sean Kamki’s table saw YouTube channel make?

One of the biggest mysteries about 90 Day Fiance UK (currently streaming on the Discovery+ app,) is what Sean Kamk, who lives in Japan, does for a living. He hasn’t been clear or upfront with his fiancee Victoria, who lives in Wolverhampton, U.K. and she’s pretty suspicious about how he spends his time since he’s always available to play Pokémon Go.

When pressed about his job, Sean points to his table saw YouTube channel, which does have some very popular videos on it. He hasn’t posted on it in three years now, however. Does he earn enough money from his dormant YouTube channel to stay afloat?

Below is Sean’s most popular video, which almost has 2 million views. The amount each YouTuber makes per thousand views varies quite a lot based on topic, genre, individual, time of year, etc so it’s impossible to know exactly how much anyone makes on the platform. He very likely made between $5,000 and $10,000 from that video alone, but most of his videos don’t pull in those numbers.

In general, Sean has a fairly healthy YouTube channel, but he would need to upload more regularly in order to make a decent living. According to Social Blade, in the past 30 days Sean has only gotten 13.64 thousand views. This translates to $3-$68 in earnings for the full month. At the very most he could make about $150, which is still an extremely low monthly income, especially since he “has a lot of credit cards” according to Victoria.

It’s not bad to have this kind of passive income, but he has to have something else going on in order to live. Even though Victoria knows that he’s in debt, she thinks he has a lot of money somehow.

During episode one, Sean says he makes money through YouTube and “other online activities.” He doesn’t share what these activities are, however. He goes on to tell producers that he has “no idea” how he makes money as if his own income is a mystery to himself. “It’s safe to skip this part I think,” he says as he rubs his chin.

In episode two, Victoria presses him even further about his divorce and how he makes a living, but he refuses to divulge more information. He tells her that he’s a YouTuber, but as we’ve analyzed above unless he has another Youtube channel than the one he’s shared with the audience, this can’t be his only job.

He claims that his channel still makes money, and then pivots away from how it makes money by saying that most YouTubers are younger than him. While that’s probably true, there are many YouTubers his age and much older who upload regularly and are able to make YouTube a decent job or side hustle.

He goes on to tell producers that he needs more time to tell the truth to Victoria. “Truth needs the right time to be told,” he says. “Yeah I will tell her everything at the right time.”

“He gives you just enough information to be interested, but he won’t actually tell you the full story,” Victoria says about Sean. She claims that he hasn’t lied to her, but admits that he’s been “shady with the truth.”

One of the times Sean has been “shady with the truth” is about his age. He originally showed Victoria older pictures of himself so she assumed he was close to her age, 33, when in fact he’s 42 years old.

He’s also being cagey about his divorce. He keeps saying that he is divorced, but qualifies it as being “divorced in Japan,” which makes it sound like he may be considered married in another country. He says that this marriage is international as well, but doesn’t say which country his ex-wife is from.

He told Vicotria that he did, indeed, get a divorce certificate last July, but then backtracks and says that he and his ex are “nearly separated,” and that it’s complicated.

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