90 DAY FIANCÉ This is why Ari blocked Biniyam’s number, are they still together?

90 Day Fiancé‘s Biniyam and Ari have been spending a lot of time apart and may not even be living together. When they recorded the show, Bini and Ari were living in New Jersey near Ari’s family prior to getting married. Since then Bini has moved to Las Vegas where he finds work both with MMA and in a circus. Meanwhile, Ari has been spending a lot of time in Bini’s home country of Ethiopia. While she was there she blocked Bini’s number.

Bini is currently part of a circus show at Opium Vegas. He says their son Avi also already has an interest in circus performing.

In general, Bini loves Las Vegas. Not only is it full of bright lights and lots of opportunities for him, but there is also an Ethiopian community there so he feels at home.

“Of course Bini is going to love Las Vegas,” Ari says. “That’s Bini in a city: it’s bright and flashy and noisy and parties.”

Ari doesn’t like Vegas, though, and at some point this year left for Ethiopia with Avi, which is Bini’s home country. She originally told Bini that she would only be gone for a week, but that week turned into three months, which is probably the maximum amount of time she could have stayed.

Ari helped raise money and delivered food and supplies to displaced camps because of the war in Ethiopia.

She says that it was good to get away from Bini for a little while. Ari says that she was “nervous” that Bini wouldn’t answer her phone calls while she was in Ethiopia, so she blocked Bini’s number to prevent herself from constantly trying to get in touch with him. Ari says she doesn’t think that Bini even noticed.

“I was blocking him so I couldn’t communicate with him,” Ari explains. She says that when she came back their communication got better because Ari says she learned to be more quiet and listen to him.

Bini says that sometimes when he tried to call Ari it didn’t work, but he didn’t really think about it that much. He had no idea he couldn’t reach her because he was blocked.

Ari says that she likes the idea of being able to do her own thing even though she’s married. She doesn’t want to have to live in the same city as her husband.

In a particularly eye-opening moment, Bini revealed that he doesn’t think he and Ari would still be together if they didn’t have their son Avi. Ari said she thought he meant that there was a possibility that they wouldn’t be together if they didn’t have a child together.

The couple have been spending time together, though. Just last week Bini shared a Reel of him, Ari, and their son Avi going to Ethiopia together, so it looks like they are still together.

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