SISTER WIVES Kody and Robyn had a secret from the other wives before they were even married

Before Kody and Robyn Brown were spiritually married, they kept a secret from the other wives that deeply hurt his other wives.

The sixth episode of Season 1 of Sister Wives was all about wedding planning for Robyn’s upcoming marriage to Kody. All five of the adults tasted wedding cakes, and Robyn took the three other wives to pick out their own flowers for the wedding.

For the climax of the episode, Robyn took her future sister wives wedding dress shopping. The other women were also at the bridal shop to look for their own dresses. They wanted something that was in between bridesmaids and mother-of-the-bride.

Although they did look for their own dresses, they spent a lot of time observing Robyn while she tried on white wedding gowns and offered their opinions about them. At the end of the day, Robyn felt like none of the dresses were really “the one” for her.

At the time of the interview, however, she had picked out her dress. “It’s a secret now,” she says. “I know what dress I want, and I have it.” Janelle says that she’s been asking about the dress, but Robyn only tells her: “it’s a secret.”

Later, when Kody joins them on the interview coach, he lets his wives know that he has a “bomb” to drop today. His bomb ended up being more explosive than he bargained for.

Kody revealed that he was the one who picked Robyn’s dress. He said he’d gone to the bridal shop with Robyn and felt like he had seen the dress Robyn picked out “in a dream.”

This information upset Christine greatly, but Kody stood firm. “I don’t think that it’s fair that I not be involved in it,” Kody argued.

Christine explained that it was upsetting because he hadn’t cared at all what Christine wore on her wedding day. Meri agreed that this was “kind of a slap in the face.” Janelle also agreed that while she wasn’t “emotionally involved” in any of the dresses, the fact that Kody picked out the dress was “just weird.”

This is the dress Christine got married in, which

The betrayal wasn’t in the fact that Kody picked out the dress, it was the fact that this behavior was different from how he was engaged in his other wives’ weddings. On top of that, he and Robyn felt the need to keep this a secret instead of openly communicating. Speaking of Robyn, she wasn’t happy with Kody either.

Robyn’s qualms with Kody were over the fact that he spilled the beans about their secret. “It’s something that I asked him not to share with anybody,” she said. Robyn said she wanted it to be kept secret to “protect both experiences,” and didn’t feel like it was necessary for the other women to know that.

Christine was so upset that she had to leave the room for a little bit to calm down. After she returned, Janelle articulated why she also felt betrayed by this action. Her biggest issue was that the dress shopping was supposed to be a bonding moment for the women, but that shopping trip turned out to not be real.

Kody ended by apologizing in general for the whole thing. He didn’t specifically state what he did wrong, or to whom he was sorry.

Christine tried to lighten the ambiguous mood with a phrase that, while funny, offered no real relief from the precarious circumstances they were all now mired in. “Every woman is insane,” she said. “Every man, is in fact, an idiot. At times a guy can be a different kind of idiot, but what also makes our dynamic more insane is that in one moment Kody can be a different kind of an idiot to each other of us.”

Kody noted that the situation was so painful that he had now become numb. “I guess I could be less of a chump, and more of a man,” he reasoned at the end of the episode.

Christine, in tears, offered to “step-it up as well” in the future. As the credits roll, Kody tells her firmly “Please be forgiving.”

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