90 DAY FIANCÉ Prenup: What will happen if Shaeeda doesn’t get pregnant by 40?

A huge part of Bilal and Shaeeda’s storyline on 90 Day Fiancé was over Bilal’s insistence that Shaeeda sign a prenup. Shaeeda had her own clause that she wanted to add to the legal agreement which is a little unconventional. Shaeeda never wanted a prenup, but in order to sign it Shaeeda asked for a couple of clauses that she said she would not have signed without. One of those clauses is that Shaeeda, who was 37 when she married Bilal, wants to have a baby by 40. What happens if that doesn’t happen?

“I want something else. I would like to have a child before 40,” Shaeeda told Bilal on the show while negotiating their prenuptial agreement.

“Um, there’s some people, they can try to have children and they may – it takes time to have children,” Bilal countered, which is a valid point.

“When it comes to that, that is like beyond our control, but I just want you to have that same, like, eagerness to have a child,” Shaeeda explains.

What’s the point of having such an ambiguous clause in a prenup that has no consequences if it’s not fulfilled?

On the tell-all, host Shaun Robinson questioned Shaeeda about this. “Usually in a contract, it says ‘This has to happen by this date, and if it doesn’t happen then this happens,'” Shaun said. “So what happens if you don’t have a baby by 40?”

Bilal said that when she put in the clause, “I never looked at anything as if it didn’t happen.” She clarifies that the contract has no consequences if she doesn’t get pregnant by age 40.

Bilal went on to say that the statement in the contract was them saying that they were going to “do everything in their power to try to have children.”

So, in short, if Shaeeda doesn’t get pregnant, nothing will happen. It seems she just wanted this in the prenup as a written promise from Bilal.

Still, Shaeeda threw some shade at Bilal for “knowing how to not get a woman pregnant” in a preview for Season 9 Tell-All Part 2. She made this joke after Kobe revealed that he and Emily haven’t had much sex lately since their daughter Scarlet was born because he’s afraid of getting her pregnant.

Shaeeda added another clause to the prenup: she asked that Bilal help her set up her yoga business in Kansas City, Missouri. It looks like Bilal has followed through with this clause as Shaeeda is currently booking private/virtual yoga sessions on her Instagram.

Bilal is so worried that Shaeeda is with him for his money that he put her through a test when she first arrived in the U.S. He showed up in a white work van and took her to one of his childhood homes that is far less nice than the house he’s currently living in. Shaeeda revealed on the Tell-All that Bilal’s prank still causes stress in their relationship.

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