PLATHVILLE Kim Plath is seen dancing with a new man

Kim Plath of Welcome to Plathville has been spotted dancing with a new man. This season on the show Kim announced that she was leaving her husband of almost 25-years, Barry Plath, and started going to the gym, drinking, and doing other activities that were banned in their fundamentalist Christian household for the past two decades. Barry Plath has also been hitting the gym lately.

The photos were taken in Cairo, GA on August 13, 2022, at an 80’s themed prom and were posted in a Facebook group. They can be seen on r/WelcomeToPlathville here and here. In the pics it looks like Kim is gazing lovingly into the mystery man’s eyes. Of course, this could really mean nothing more than a dance, but it’s nice to see Kim out and enjoying herself.

Kim said that Barry cried when she told him she wanted to leave, and wanted to fix the situation. Kim, however, feels that their marriage is unfixable. She claims Barry has been too harsh with her and didn’t value her as a person.

At the end of season 4 Kim and Barry sat down with the kids who still live at home to announce their separation. Kim, who had previously been staying in the family’s rental properties, is presumably going to stay at the house in Cairo while Barry finds somewhere else to live. Lydia even expressed that she might move out with Barry, which would make Kim responsible for all the childcare needs of the remaining children.

As of August, 2022 neither Kim nor Barry have officially filed for divorce.

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