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Sidian Jones’ 1st wife Jennie Dschaak starts GoFundMe, disputes Seeking Sister Wife narrative

The “first wife” of Seeking Sister Wife star Sidian Jones is speaking out — and asking for money! A couple days after we broke the story that Sidian’s current “wife” Tosha Jones was charged with felony theft on the same day that Sidian’s first wife was charged with felony burglary back in 2016, his ex has posted her side of the story, which is much different than what Sidian and Tosha said on screen. She has also launched a GoFundMe in hopes of raising money to help in her fight to regain custody of the two children she has with Sidian.

Seeking Sister Wife Tosha Jones charged for felony same day as Sidian’s 1st wife in 2016

It appears that Seeking Sister Wife couple Tosha and Sidian Jones left a little out when sharing their relationship history with TLC cameras. They openly talked about how Sidian was married to his first wife when he met Tosha, and how they eventually invited her to be a sister wife. What they didn’t mention is that Tosha and Sidian’s first wife were both charged with felonies — one for burglary and the other for theft — on the same day in 2016!