SUPER SIZED SALON Jamie Lopez lost 400 pounds in a year, her highest weight was 846

Jamie Lopez is the owner of Baby Doll Beauty Couture, a Las Vegas, NV salon that caters to plus-sized women, and the star of a new series about her salon’s re-opening on WEtv called Super Sized Salon.

When we are introduced to Jamie on this premiere episode, we learn that she hasn’t left her house in two years, or her bed in one year. During that time, Jamie was able to lose 400 pounds. Her highest weight was 846 pounds, and Jamie says she felt like a prisoner at that weight.

At the beginning of the show, we see Jamie not only leaving her house for the first time in what she says has been two years, but also entering her salon for the first time after designing it on her phone in bed for the past year-and-a-half.

In a video published on Jamie’s YouTube channel on February 14, 2021, she spoke about the keto diet that she had been on for two years at that point.

In another video, published a few weeks earlier, Jamie reveals that she lost 400 pounds in a single year, citing diet, exercise, and some weight loss supplements.

She has also posted about her keto diet on Instagram.

On the show we learn that Jamie was also hospitalized for a year and had to go to a physical therapy rehab to relearn how to walk.

This isn’t the first time Baby Doll Beauty Couture has existed. In 2019 Barcroft Media (now known as Truly) published a documentary about Jamie’s plus-sized salon for their Shake My Beauty series. At the time, Jamie also ran a nightclub that catered to plus-sized people.

Baby Doll Beauty Couture was first opened in 2017, but she soon had to move locations because of death threats and vandalism. When Jamie’s weight skyrocketed to over 800 pounds it affected her ability to work. She became bedbound so she could no longer come into the salon. Around this time was also when the COVID pandemic struck, so the salon had to close for a while.

She’s been working hard to lose weight and work on her mobility, but at the start of the series she still has a way to go. When she came in to see her new salon, she was able to use her walker to make it to a chair but she didn’t walk around the salon or go to her office in the back. After she left, the other women were concerned about the state of Jamie’s health.

Jamie also sprang it on Taj last minute that she was going to be the manager when Jamie was not around, which put a lot of responsibility on Taj’s shoulders, especially since she is still having mobility issues and working on improving her health. Still, Jamie has come a long way and is doing amazing.

Jamie first opened Baby Doll Beauty Couture to meet the needs of plus-sized women who can experience discrimination, bullying, and being turned away at some salons. The chairs and accommodations are built to support them, and the atmosphere is accepting and welcoming.

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