PLATHVILLE Barry Plath shows off new muscles

Matriarch Kim Plath shocked everyone at the beginning of Welcome to Plathville Season 4 with her sudden change in behavior. She was dancing to hip hop, going to the gym regularly, and even opened her own dance studio. She also announced that she was leaving Barry, her husband of almost 25 years. Now, it looks like Barry has also been hitting the gym pretty hard as the famous family evolves and restructures.

Barry’s son Micah Plath kind of buried the lead of his father’s new physique in a photo dump about spending more time with family than expected. At the end of the photo and video slideshow, there’s a view out of a plane window that suggests Micah’s now headed back to Los Angeles to pursue his modeling and acting aspirations.

“Every time I go back home I end up staying longer than planned, I guess I just miss everyone so much 🤍” Micah wrote in the caption. The second photo shows Micah, Barry, and Amber Plath showing off their guns while Moriah wrangles her dog Blackjack. In the photo Barry’s arm muscles look just as big, if not bigger, than his son Micah’s.

The comment section is full of fans swooning over Barry’s new physique. “Respectfully , do yall need a stepmom ? 🤔😂” joked one commenter. “damnnn daddy plath looking THICCC 😂” noted another.

photo: Micah Plath Instagram

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