90 DAY FIANCÉ Why did Jibri come after Ariela so hard in the tell-all?

Jibri Bell showed up at the Season 9 90 Day Fiancé in a sparkly suit and a major bone to pick with Ariela Weinberg. It’s understandable, and encouraged by the producers, for cast members to have opinions about each other but Jibri seemed to be targeting Ari for some reason.

In general, Jibri’s attitude at the tell-all was more aggressive than it was in the footage shot for the show. From the start, he and his wife Miona have been very precise about their fashion and looks and seem intent on building influencer brands out of their 90 Day Fiancé boost of fame. They played up some drama with Jibri’s friend David during the season, but overall Jibri’s demeanor was pretty chill.

That wasn’t the case from the moment he walked into the green room wearing his fireworks suit. He immediately zeroed in on Ariela, saying that she stole his outfit because she was wearing a metallic dress. Her fabric, however, was much more understand. Jibri then bragged that he looked better than Ari’s husband Biniyam.

Mohamed then asked Jibri if his on-screen fight with David was real, and Jibri claimed that it was because of their physically violent history. As Jibri has previously revealed David put Jibri in a coma. He said that after he recovered from his coma, Jibri went to military school. After he got out he met a girl at a party and started dating. When she later introduced Jibri to her brother, it was David, the same person who put him in a coma.

Later on the stage, Jibri claimed that his family and friends are “jealous” of his relationship with Miona because they “look good together and shine.” He says that when you “shine, people try to dim your light.”

Host Shaun Robinson asked Miona if she thinks Jibir’s mother Mahala was jealous of her. Miona answered that while she’s not “trying to compete with anyone, there is weird energy definitely.”

Ariela interjected her opinion about what was going on, shifting the pressure from Miona to Jibri. “If there’s a problem with the mother-in-law then it’s kind of on the son because the son’s maybe not giving the attention,” Ari said. She also said maybe Miona has been acting defensive, which may put Jibri’s family on edge.

“So you think my mom is jealous?” Jibri asked Ariela before telling her that she was the most jealous person in the cast.

Ari didn’t deny this but instead said that her jealousy helps her recognize jealous behavior in others. Jibri then tells Ari that she’s “jealous of everything.”

90 Day Fiancé alumni Tim Malcolm and Kenny Niedermeier were in a separate room to give commentary, and immediately pointed out Jibri’s new attitude.

Tim said that Jibri was on a rollercoaster of emotions that was going to be a “helluva ride” if he keeps it up. Kenny agreed, “He came in for a fight.”

“It’s like they say when you go to prison, you just gotta hit somebody so people don’t mess with you,” Tim noted.

Kenny said it seemed like Jibri came in with a chip on his shoulder.

Shaun moved on to Ariela and Biniyam’s relationship where Bini shared that he now had his green card and could get paid for his MMA fighting. Ari said that she supported Biniyam’s dream of being an MMA fighter, but she wanted him to be realistic.

Jibri told Ari that he thought she was holding Biniyam back from achieving his dreams with her jealousy and pessimism. She said that Biniyam is going to reach the top, but not with Ari’s help.

“You’re hating,” Jibri says. “You gotta stop.”

“You’re mom’s hating on your relationship,” Ari fired back.

At one point Jibri offers to fight. At first it sounds like he’s offering to fight Ari, but he continues that he has $100,000 he wants to go towards a fight with, presumably, Biniyam to help his career take off. “She’s definitely holding him back,” Jibri says.

He later says that he knows that Ari and Biniyam are going to break up because Ari is dimming his light and “isn’t a star” like Biniyam.

UPDATE: Jibri later admitted on Instagram live that he purposely acted like this to garner attention.

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