The Davis family proposes to Danielle, is she ready for this? SEEKING SISTER WIFE

Things are moving pretty fast for The Davis family on Seeking Sister Wife. They are moving into a new house, second wife Jennifer is pregnant, and the family decided to collectively propose to their girlfriend Danielle.

The family plans to have a 12 ft. wide bed in their new home to accommodate everyone in one bedroom. Not only that, but they plan to add at least one new wife so Danielle has someone to legally marry.

The family decided to go to the Denver clock tower for the romantic moment, and of course Nick used the opportunity to wax poetic about the concept of time. “This big clock here just brings to mind the thought about time,” Nick says. “The experience of time is subjective, meaning that it’s different for everyone. It’s unique, so is love. We all get to experience love in our own unique way.”

He then segues into a proposal as he pulls out the ring from his vest. Nick and his two wives tried to sync up “Will you marry us?” but it didn’t quite work out that way. Nick said it first and April and Jennifer immediately echoed the question.

Danielle was completely shocked and immediately said “yes” through sobs. April and Jennifer let Danielle know that they want her to be a part of their family forever and have known that they wanted to marry her for a while, they were just waiting to get everything in order.

The Davis family gives birthstone rings as engagement rings, so Danielle got a blue sapphire.

Danielle is only 22 years old and doesn’t have a lot of dating experience, but she’s been put through some unique situations with the Davis family. Through it all, she seems pretty content with the situation, but it’s a lot to take on. The teaser for next week’s episode shows Danielle talking to a friend about concerns she has about how Nick doesn’t contribute at all financially to the family.

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