Did Jennette McCurdy get paid for iCarly?

Jennette McCurdy has exploded on the literary and pop culture scenes this summer with her memoir I’m Glad My Mom Died(affiliate link*) that details the abuse she suffered from her mother, and from the entertainment industry as a child star. On The Iced Coffee Hour podcast with Graham Stephan and Jack Selby Jennette McCurdy revealed exactly how much she made from iCarly.

The Iced Coffee Hour is a finance-themed show, so they focused on the money aspect of Jennette’s experience as a child star. As part of child labor laws, child actors should have 15% of their money put away into a “Coogan Account” so they can access what they’ve earned when they turn 18.

However, none of the money Jennette earned as a child was ever put away for her later. She got papers letting her know that the proper paperwork for her Coogan account was never filed, so she has no idea what happened to any of the money she made on the popular Nickelodeon show iCarly

Jennette also shared with the podcast that she was aware of “constant stress” about money as a very young child and that’s what drove her to be a “little soldier” to earn money for the family when she got into acting at age six. She remembers her mother crying and screaming about financial problems, and she didn’t want this to be a part

I’m Glad My Mom Died (affiliate link*) has been a bestseller, and the physical copies have sold out on Amazon. The digital version can still be purchased. (affiliate link*) It’s a powerful, gripping read.

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